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Natural Toothpaste

A Clean, Healthy Smile ... Your Only NATURAL Alternative

When you buy a "natural toothpaste" online or from a health food store, you've a right to expect it to be a truly healthy alternative to the common commercial tooth pastes found in supermarkets and drugstores.

What is a natural toothpaste?

Do you know what you're getting in your toothpaste? A natural toothpaste, by definition, should be an organic toothpaste, containing ingredients certified organically grown and processed — with NO potentially harmful chemicals and synthetics. Ingredients should come from non-toxic sources when at all possible, and NO health drawbacks associated with their use. In a natural toothpaste, we should expect a safe and effective cleansing of our teeth and gums. We should expect a natural, organic toothpaste to leave our mouth and breath feeling clean and fresh and help prevent dental decay.

Is this asking too much? This is what anyone wants in any toothpaste — though most never get it. And these things are certainly what you look for in an organic, natural toothpaste. But you know already — there are health tradeoffs in using common commercial toothpastes, and sadly even with some of the so-called "natural" toothpastes touted as healthy and sold in health food stores. Remember ... it isn't the label that makes it healthy — it's the ingredients!

The Raw Food Diet

and Your Compromised Teeth

Recent research has brought to light that many brands of toothpaste found in local grocery and health food stores contain questionable ingredients, and some can be downright hazardous to your overall health. If you're like me, your simple answer is ... No thanks! Fluoride, chemical preservatives, foaming agents and artificial flavorings do not belong in a healthy body — certainly not in a healthy mouth.

Harsh abrasives damage your enamel and leave you more susceptible to staining and decay. Additives leave a residue that's not only difficult to remove, but interferes with the re-enamalizing of your tooth surfaces. Conventional toothpastes are actually chock-full of questionable, even harmful ingredients. (Ever wonder why so many toothpastes' packages contain warnings not to swallow?)

Your Right to Be Beautiful Oral Balm with White Oak Bark and Wheatgrass is different. It's different from conventional toothpaste. Different, too, from most of the toothpastes health food stores label “natural” and “organic,” in several important ways. 

Looking for an all-natural, all- organic toothpaste that delivered all the benefits I wanted, with none of the drawbacks, I found nothing — absolutely nothing — out there that that fit the bill. If you've read my ebook The Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth you'll know the dental challenges I've faced and the methods I have developed for overcoming them. Oral Balm is the crowning achievement in my search for ultimate dental health.

Bentonite Oral Balm

With white oak bark and wheatgrass.

Even the best of the other popular so-called “organic” toothpastes still compromise by using artificial flavoring and sweeteners. But our Your Right to Be Beautiful Oral Balm uses certified organic stevia to impart a pleasant flavor you'll enjoy. What's more, you'll gain the plaque-inhibiting benefits many people didn't even know stevia had. We do not add silica or other abrasives such as silica. We add no foaming agents. And our exclusive formula is loaded with herbs and essential oils that kill plaque-causing bacteria, absorb toxins from gum tissues, increase circulation and help tighten and tone your gums without dryness. Oral Balm contains no artificial colorings. Instead, we use potent wheatgrass powder not only for color, but for its impressive array of benefits.

When you use all-natural, all-organic Your Right to Be Beautiful Oral Balm as directed, you can expect a clean mouth and a healthy one. You need more than clean — you need healthy, when it comes to teeth and gums. Your Right to Be Beautiful Oral Balm helps you achieve this. Use the Oral Balm as a natural toothpaste, rub it on and leave it as a balm for extra healing, or both. Your Right to Be Beautiful Oral Balm is completely nontoxic. Every ingredient is safely edible and every single one imparts valuable healing and cleansing properties essential for superior oral health.

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