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Night Cream ... Getting That Baby-Smooth Skin

Published: (June, 2012)

Night Cream ... Getting That Baby-Smooth Skin

Smooth...supple...soft...and clear...We all want to have baby-smooth skin. 

For most of us, not too much trouble when we're young. But after forty, and especially after fifty it gets tougher, doesn't it? At middle age and beyond good skin is not happening on its own. 

I know quite a few secrets to getting that clear, apple-polish skin you'd like. In fact, if you can find someone who knows more, tell me--I'll sign up to be their apprentice right now. I'm learning as much as I can, because to have beautiful skin at my age (mid fifties) I have to become a skin wizard, nothing less will do.

Night Cream

Restore elasticity and help renew cells.

Now, that is a little nervy to say, I admit--that I'm an expert. Not everyone takes that well. One correspondent said I'm "obsessed" with staying young and beautiful. Another called me "vain." 

I confess, I'm passionate about the issue. I am also knowledgeable on the subject, like to be on top of the anti-aging scientific breakthroughs, as well as ancient beauty secrets. What's more, people bring me ideas, products, research--everything interesting in the area of health and beauty comes to my attention. I have become a magnet for anti-aging gems. 

When I write a book or develop a new product, it's never because "the market demands it." The impetus is always that I have a need. As Emerson said, It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

Glow Facial Cream

Nourishing, revitalizing action for your skin.

Read something in one of my books, or look at one of my products, and you can count on there having been something going on in my life at the time of its creation which consumed my personal interest. If I find something that works, I feel a need to share it, so it might help people with similar issues. It came to my attention that I need a night cream.

Pore Cleansing PetalPads

Clean and Massage Your Face with Radiant Results

Why Do We Need a Night Cream?

Generally, it's recommended to start using a night cream when you reach 30--maybe even 25. Thanks to my own current skin care regimen, I didn't need a night cream until I turned 54. I wasn't interested. But now, in my mid-fifties, for the first time, I decided to look into a night cream. Why do we need a night cream?