Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (August 2009)

October 15th, 2009

Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (August 2009)

08/17/09 Dear Tonya!! You look simply gorgeous on the cover of Get Fresh! magazine! I am sure you have heard that thousands of times already by now. You look like a fresh young lady with sexiness and intelligence in your eyes! Such a live inspiration! All of your 5 books are on my bedside table as I constantly read and re-read them. How is the translation into Russian of your first book going? I am dying to have my mother and sister who both live in Russia to read this book! My meat-eater husband...

adopted (thanks to me and to you too!!! :-) breakfast of fresh vegetables juice and green smoothies. He doesn't eat any desserts other than my raw berry mousse and green pudding. ...and the list goes on... It is just amazing! I hear him talking to his friends about raw juicing benefits all the time. Our 3-year-old daughter chooses crunchy salad for dinner and sunflower sprouts for snack. When pretending cooking in her play kitchen she makes salad and smoothies (imitating the sound of Vita-Mix), not pizza or cookies! -N

08/16/09 I love all your books!! And look forward to your next one. I have embraced Quantum Eating and it feels great. Now I’m reading Raw Food and Hot Yoga and I am starting to return to my yoga classes. If you ever get to Charlotte, NC, the Yoga Oasis on Park Road is awesome. I would love to meet you in person some day. I hope you make it to the Charlotte area sometime soon. You have made my journey into Raw Foods understandable. Thanks for all your knowledge & inspiration. -H.

08/14/09 Hi Tonya, I received the newsletter, thank you! I also wanted to thank you for coming to Pittsburgh to speak to the raw food diet meet up group! I really enjoyed that evening. Thank you so much for sharing you experiences and wisdom. I purchased the whole package that night, books, brushes and all. I am really enjoying them! I have been using the clay mask, cream, brushes and roller for the face and what a difference it has made in a few short weeks! My husband was the first to notice and I have been getting compliments on how great my skin looks! Thank you so much. I am in the process of reading your books also, in order. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you again. You are such an inspiration! Blessings and all the best to you, -M.W.

08/14/09 Hi Penny [our office assistant]... I received Quantum Eating yesterday afternoon, and couldn't put it down. It is really amazing.... I am definitely re-energized by this book. There is so much conflicting advice in the raw food diet land. I just found her approach to be very wise. I am convinced that the daily dry fasts are incredibly healthy. I'm eager to start playing with that. Thank you so much for all of your input. I really enjoyed speaking with you the other day. This is such an incredible journey that we are all on, it is so fun to share the ride! -C.

08/11/09 I am a very determined woman. About 6 months ago, I couldn’t really read in English and forget about writing! I just wanted so much to read Tonya's books! With a little dictionary, I read "Quantum Eating" (I am quantum eating girl since) and Your Right to Be Beautiful. Now, I am at ease with any English articles I want to read. Tonya has something magic to motivate people. About Rawsome Flex, I also have a good motivation... my face started to fall... and I have a younger husband... who has been convinced to go on a 100% raw food diet by Tonya's book!!! With her book Your Right to Be Beautiful, Tonya could do what I couldn’t in almost 3 years: convince him to give up on pizza, cheese, french fries... He is a real raw maniac for 2 months now! He is doing very well. - Sylvie

08/09/09 Hi Tonya, I have heard you speak twice, recently at the Royersford, Pennsylvania potluck, and about 4 years ago at Arnold's Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. You are the most motivational raw food speaker I have heard. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and wonderful sense of humor. I was extremely impressed, and it is obvious from looking at you that what you are doing is working. You actually looked 10 years younger when I heard you speak recently than you did when I saw you four years ago! Your lecture was so motivational that I have been on the 100% raw food diet ever since the Royersford potluck. Thank you for helping me to go for it. ... Today I hosted a raw potluck at my house. Two of my raw friends had gone with me to listen to your lecture in Royersford. We were talking about what a knowledgeable and motivational speaker you are, as well as the fact that out of all the raw food speakers we have seen, you are by far the healthiest looking. Everyone wanted to know when you would be in the area again, and if Harvest Market could host you to come and speak. -D.M.

08/08/09 I am using the pin roller on my head and body, and I am using your facial products that I love, and I am going 100% raw and now I am trying to stop eating earlier. Everyone at work is amazed at the results in me, and I said now I am going to get rid of my gray hair and spider veins just wait and see. I am determined and will do what it takes, I love the raw diet I feel wonderfully alive and full of energy and happiness. -G.

08/08/09 Dear Tonya, Just wanted to let you know my 21 year old daughter Gabriela has come back to the totally raw food diet, and in large part because she loves your books. She also loves the cream and mask. I never think I can learn more, when there comes a new book like your Raw Food and Hot Yoga....and I'm suddenly enlightened all over again. Thank you so much for your prolific researching and writing. -Karen Ranzi www.SuperHealthyChildren.com

08/05/09 Dear Tonya Zavasta and Nick, First of all, thank you so much for all the research, eating all raw vegan and all your books and talks. You are amazing! I have your Quantum Eating book and your DVD. I got them at your booth at Raw Spirit fest a few years ago. You are so great! Stay 21 and I look forward to seeing you in a miniskirt at 70+ and beyond!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!-J.

08/05/09 Hello Dear Tonya! You'll be on the West Coast for a long time......How exciting! We have many "newbies" to my [raw food class] class and I speak of you often. They are all anxious to meet you! I just received a big order of your cream and masque along with your new book and I can't wait to start reading it today! I also got a copy of the "Get Fresh" magazine with you on the cover and you look absolutely faaaaaabulous!!!! You get more and more beautiful and younger all the time! I sat and read all of your articles to my husband as soon as I got it! It's a great publication and I am considering subscribing to it. You are such an inspiration to me, and as often as I speak of you in my classes, they will feel as though they know you, too, before you arrive in Avon Park again! We will patiently wait until you head back this way. -Brenda

08/01/09 Hi Tonya, Thank you so much for coming. Everyone absolutely loved it!!! So many more wanted to come but the notice was late, some went to Mentor -because they did not know about ours soon enough. My hope is that you will come again.I heard words like"LIFE CHANGING", "EXCELLENT","THIS WAS VERY MOTIVATING" and the list goes on. I have also started on my regime-this time next year I will be a glowing beauty just like you. Thanks for being you!!! Many Blessings, Sulesa