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Raw Food Diet and Longevity

All right … you’ve never met a raw foodist who’s lived an unusually long life. Is that a good reason to doubt the raw food diet? The fact is we raw foodists are a rare species. Billions of people around the world have never even laid eyes on a 100 percent raw foodist. That doesn't mean there aren’t any—just that they’re rare. And sometimes hard to spot.

A question back to you … Do you really want to demand absolute certainty that the 100 percent raw lifestyle is the ultimate ticket to health and longevity before you’ll try it? Sorry! You’re out of luck. There simply hasn’t been any long term research. There is no scientific data from “properly” conducted experiments.

There’s no basis for comparison. Why? Because we—we raw foodists— are the experiment. People on the raw food diet fall mainly into two camps …

First, those who experiment with it, play with it, but don’t stick to it. Those numbers are small to begin with. And they get smaller as dabblers fall away.

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Then, second, there’s that other group who start and then may follow raw food lifestyles throughout the remainders of their lives. This second group, I respectfully submit, is focused on what they’re doing … on the benefits they receive, and not on public recognition. Their goal isn’t to be the center of attention. They’re not seeking the limelight. Sure—a few, like me, are out there promoting. But most practitioners aren’t promoters. Their improved health, their improved lives, takes them other places. They’re busy doing, thinking, expressing, being in other ways.

Experience teaches: The 100 percent raw food lifestyle changes you physically. Changes you emotionally. But it changes you even more profoundly in a spiritual way. Some leave the spotlight—if they were ever in it—and largely disappear from the public eye. Just because we don’t know them, doesn’t prove they are not there. There are also those who devote themselves to promoting health … give so much to others … work ridiculous hours … they neglect their own health … and end up being as sick as the people they have been trying to help.

The great experiment is still underway, folks—indeed, just beginning … and we are it! The question stands, of course: Will we raw foodists live longer? A small part of the answer: I am already living healthier and happier than I would have if I had not embarked on the raw food diet. That’s true now … that’s true in any event, whether I live to be a hundred and fourteen or not. The diet, the lifestyle, has already proven itself, no matter how old I live to be!

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My own dear mother went through menopause at 45. I am 52 and haven’t had a symptom yet. I’m sure that menopause will happen eventually, but I am grateful for the opportunity to postpone it, just as I have effectively staved off premature aging.

Yes, there is a legitimate scientific question here. In time, I believe, we’ll have plentiful scientific evidence that raw foods lifestyles lead to longer lifespans. But we won’t get that answer—not scientifically—simply by self-selecting and lining up to be “tested.” Let medical scientists set up their own studies, with properly selected populations and well planned measurements. But somehow, I feel it’s not going to happen soon. It looks like you’ll have to set up the raw food experiment on your own body and find the proof for yourself, if not for the rest of the world.