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Raw Foods Gave me New Eyes

At age 48, my eyesight was going. I had gotten eyeglasses at age 39, when my vision first started changing. My ophthalmologist told me that everyone’s vision starts changing at about age 40.

Fast forward 9 years. I was on my third pair of glasses and desperately needing my fourth. The problem was, my husband was out of work and, lacking insurance, I kept putting it off. In October 2007, our family moved from Flagstaff, Arizona, to southern Oregon. About that time, I noticed that I really needed new glasses. When we went to the mall, I had to walk up close to signs to see them. Also, I found that I could hardly read the Medford phone book. I told my husband I just couldn’t put off the new glasses any longer, and I started asking everyone I met, “Who is your eye doctor?” (I have had good and bad doctors, and didn’t want to end up with a bad doctor!)

I received several recommendations, but I put off making an appointment because we had no income. However, 2 or 3 weeks later, I noticed during my morning devotions that I was no longer straining to read the words on the page. I came out to the kitchen and looked in the phone book. To my joy and excitement, I found that I could read the fine print with ease! With great excitement, I told my children, “I can read the phone book now!!” (They wondered, “What’s the big deal about that??”)

What is the mysterious answer to the miraculous improvement in my vision? Let’s go back a few months. My husband, Bob, had preceded our family to Oregon. A church friend and health minister introduced him to the concept of an 85% raw diet. In fact, he went to a presentation by the Boutenkos and—uncharacteristically—bought 4 of their books. When he showed me the books, I felt threatened by the idea of raw food. I felt our vegan diet was just fine; and besides, I was far too busy preparing for our move to take the time to read the books. Glancing through the recipes, I felt, well, uninspired.

When we got to Oregon, I started reading Victoria’s 12 Steps to Raw Food. As I became convicted, I started pulling out the pots and pans less and less. I wasn’t sure what to serve to take the place of beans, rice, tofu, and pasta, which had been staples. I served a lot of salads and fruit. It seemed that most of the raw dishes I prepared for the family met with groans from the kids and sometimes from my husband! One day at lunch, Bob told me, “This just isn’t working.” I broke down in tears. However, I persevered. After reading Green for Life and purchasing a Vita-Mix, I started making green smoothies for the whole family every day.

As I moved forward with these dramatic changes, little did I understand that I was going to be rewarded so quickly with concrete changes; but it was right about this time that I started noticing the dramatic improvement in my vision. After a couple more weeks, I dug out my old glasses that had a milder prescription. And now, 8 months after we dramatically changed our diet, I have taken my glasses off. I use them only for reading and driving, but prefer to go without them most of the day. By the way, I can read the Medford phone book without glasses. And yes, the cuisine is improving, and the kids are adapting.

If this is the tangible result of eating raw food (not to mention the increased energy, better sleep, and healthier skin we’ve enjoyed), I can hardly even imagine the benefits that our internal organs are experiencing as well. We are in this for life, and I can hardly wait for further changes to emerge! But even if it were only about eyesight, I’d do it all for the benefit of “new eyes.”

Melanie Dale (July, 2008)