Readers' Raw Food Testimonials for August 2011

September 2nd, 2011

Readers' Raw Food Testimonials for August 2011


Hi Tonya, I recently contacted you for some information via email and bought Quantum Eating and some cosmetics from you. I am totally in admiration of what you do and actually began to follow your Quantum Eating and face exercises!!!! Feeling great and becoming more beautiful every day. Because of this I could inspire some friends who also became very interested in the truth you are teaching. I actually learned about you from Jinjie and Storm who are my other inspiration.

Many blessings,
— N.


Quantum Eating book

Quantum Eating

The Ultimate Elixir of Youth!



Your new book, Quantum Eating, is amazing!!! I have to fills in the missing pieces of what I received from Gabriel's 'Spiritual Nutrition' and David's 'Eating for Beauty' 7 years ago...thank you for this beautyful sharing!!!

— S.T.



Hi Tonya, I am a big fan of your work. Thanks to your books and research - I have been following the raw food diet (90% raw) for 4 months dry fasting after 2 p.m. for 2 weeks and have lost 35 lbs. (from 157 to 122 lbs). I get compliments and people say that they do not recognize me!!!

I have all your books! They are well written and you deliver the message with a great sense of humour... I just love it!!!! If you ever come to Ottawa (Canada) for a presentation-please let me know. I would love to come see you in person! Keep up the good work!

— N.



Dear Tonya, dear friends/team of her, thank you from heart for the beautiful and excellent products, the careful wrapping and fast delivery. I appreciate it very much. I also wanted to post a remark, even though I guess Tonya heard it very often: your books are excellent, thoroughly researched, each chapter a world in itself, elaborated intelligently and with much care and diligence, understandable also for beginners. I already have some experience in the raw field, read many books but I had to be patient to find yours. Better late than never.

You fill a gap in the wide field of carrots and juices which concerns aesthetics and the female point of view. Thank you so much! I also found questions answered on which even capacities on dermatology could not help me (liver/age spots removal). Me and my (with 69 years juvenile) mother are already excited about your facial creme; I definitely have to post a new order soon as she begged me to get my refill. We could tell books about our search for an appropriate face cream...

Thanks for your very important and most motivating dedication to Rawsome and Beauty. It surely is often hard to be an exception but nowadays where people are looking for truth it is a necessity to be a living proof that it works. All the best to you and your family.

— Corina from Switzerland

GLOW - Facial Cream

Sea-Buckthorn Oil

for beautiful skin



…Also I absolutely love your Bentonite toothpaste. I've used every raw brand out there, this is by far the best, most refreshing and tasty.

— A.

Bentonite Oral Balm

Bentonite Oral Balm

white oak bark & wheatgrass



I love Tonya’s books and videos. She is so inspirational to me. I was actually disappointed when I finished Quantum Eating, because I just wanted it to last forever!! Tonya has such an engaging style…I so appreciate your finding that article for me - I had not realised the extent of blog posts archived, and shall spend some happy moments, this weekend perusing them.



Dear Tonya, you and your assistant were quite helpful to me when I was making my transition into a Raw lifestyle a couple of years ago. Today, I am nearly 100 percent Raw, and feel and look better than I have in my entire adult life! I underwent major medical trauma in 2005, and many of the effects (largely from medications I was on) have cleared, and areas of my body restored. Doctors are surprised - but interestingly, none of them want to believe that it has anything to do with having converted to a plant based raw diet! Thank you!

— O.M.



Thank you Tonya! You Seriously have the best face cream. I have had numerous allergies appear and it seems that your cream is soothing to my face, whereas others just burn. It's been hard for me to eat raw, or even just eat healthier, because I am no longer allowed to eat cucumbers, zucchini, sunflower seeds, bananas, and or any kind of melon without it being cooked. It seems even after it has been cooked, my body still sees the proteins in these foods as similar to the protein in ragweed pollen, my allergy. I end up breaking out in hives, acne, or having these small red bumps appear all over my body that are dry and itch. But the itching is better than when I eat these items raw, I end up with a face that is swelling and completely red. I am looking for alternatives, until then I am trying to eat as clean as possible. Thank you once again for creating a cream that doesn't seem to make me itch! :-) It makes a world of difference to me!




Hi Tonya, my name is G. from Kenya Africa, I love everything about your site and I want to start facial exercise. I am only doing kissing the ceiling and lifting the spoon and am amazed of what it is doing to my face. Am 35 years and I need more exercises, please send me more since I believe in them and I want to look younger.

— G.


Rawsome Flex book

Rawsome Flex

The raw food lifestyle and facial exercises



I love your facial cream!!!! Think this is about the 7th or 8th jar I've bought from you. I recommend it to people all the time. And now I'm really excited to use your shampoo and the bamboo comb. You put so much thought and effort into your products. Thanks for that!!! I'll be a customer of yours for as long as you sell stuff. :-)

— S.

Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

for naturally beautiful hair



Thank u Tonya, U have been a great inspiration. I will one day tell u all about it. Not only did u get me raw nearly overnight but I went back to yoga though not hot yet. The closest I come is my infrared red tent which is a miracle of sweat induced bliss. We do have a right to be beautiful. Yeah for u!




I finally managed to order some of your products and am looking forward to receiving them. I also read the Quantum Eating and it provided me with the missing information I was looking for so long. I have been eating quite healthy, highly raw diet (but with long "off the wagon" passages) and experimenting with fasting (mainly fruit and rarely water ones) since more than 15 years. Now as I reached 40 years old I feel like I need to do something extreme and permanent, before my age starts showing. Finding your books and website recently (via Jinjee Talifero) gave me exactly what I needed to motivate me and filled the gaps in my knowledge about raw beauty. You are a genius! Thank you so much…

— N.



Hi Tonya, I love your books and lotions (I sell them in my store) and absolutely love Quantum Eating. You are such an inspriation beautiful!

– Elaina Love.



I can't tell you how pleased I am with your service to date! I'm very much looking forward to my products arriving - I hope they're as great as your customer service! :) (I'm sure they will be!) Thanks again & enjoy your weekend!

— E.



Thank you so much - I think this was the speediest delivery I have ever received!! You are all moving as fast as the speed of thought it seems!! Thank you!

— C.



Hi Tonya, My name is Suzi and I'm from Australia. I have been mostly raw for a few years now and my looks and health have improved dramatically. However, I still had the pigmentation on my face, that would not go away despite such a healthy lifestyle.

After several months of starting to have vegetable juice every morning (like Tonya) I noticed that the pigmentation on my face was fading, (although at one stage it did get worse before it got better), and now it has almost completely gone! I no longer wear makeup to hide my skin and people keep commenting on how beautiful my skin looks, like when I was young, (I'm 43).

I thought I should write to you and let you know my results so you can pass it on to other women if they suffer from pigmentation like I did and have tried everything but to no avail. Drink vegetable juice daily, it works!

Very Happy,
— Suzi.



Dear Tonya, I hope this letter finds you very happy. I am a 28 year old from Istanbul and have been enjoying your Rawsome Flex facial exercise book for about 3 months now. Thank you so much for such a helpful and enjoyable read!

— D.


Rawsome Flex book

Rawsome Flex

The raw food lifestyle and facial exercises