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Skin Moles... Small Red Dots... Age Spots... What to Do?

Published: (April, 2016)

Skin Moles... Small Red Dots... Age Spots... What to Do?

Do You Know How to Get Rid of Moles, Small Red Dots or Age Spots?

I take part in two regular group exercise classes which lets me see a range of other women's bodies. In beginner's ballet, they are mostly girls and young women. Rather few moles appear. But I also take a Pilates class with women who are mostly in their late 40s, 50s and 60s. There, I see lots of moles and age spots.

After we hit about age 40, moles begin to appear on our bodies, sometimes with alarming speed, like mushrooms popping up after the rain. Some find themselves peppered with moles. For more information read this article: Skin Moles... Removal and Prevention.

Another unpleasant skin blemish is the cherry angioma. Cherry what? You may not know the name, but you do know the phenomenon: those tiny red or reddish-purple dots that appear on the skin here and there, and seem to never to go away on their own. This article Red Dots on Your Skin... What Can You Do? discusses some possible methods of removal and prevention.

Age Spots. Age writes itself on the human body. Age spots, we call them, and they're as much a marker of an "old person" as excessive wrinkles. We call these irregular, dark blotches "liver spots." The dark pigment arises from damaged membrane material within cells. Not just the liver, but every bodily organ, including the brain. Those blotches on the skin are just the tip of a nasty iceberg. More information in these articles: How to Get Rid of Age Spots and Avoiding Age Spots on the Raw Food Diet.

Removing any blemish - a mole, cherry angioma, or age spot - is never a quick fix. Any procedure, whether at home or in the doctor's office, involves not only the treatment itself but healing. Some kind of scab always forms, then flakes away, all of it part of the body's natural healing and waste removal processes. The whole process might take up to 1-2 weeks. In some cases the procedure must be repeated.

My advice: Not on your face, please. You don't know how it's going play out. And plan that things might look worse before they look better. If you can, try any given remedy somewhere else on your body first.

We think of moles, cherry angiomas and age spots as visual imperfections. So we tend to think in terms of removal. Instead, we ought to think of prevention first.

Take a good look. Do you have moles or other skin blemishes? Do you have many? And have they been increasing in recent months (or even weeks)? If you're seeing these signs, then you've been given a visual indication that you need to upgrade your diet.

Start by cutting out processed foods. Stay out of the middle aisles of your supermarket. You know the ones where all the boxed, bagged, and canned "foods" reside. Stay around the outer aisles instead, and make your home in the organic section of the produce department.

Juice. Do it daily. Fresh juice only, please - nothing from a bottle or can.

Fast. A weekly fast of 24 to 36 hours is great, and easy to adapt to.

Cleanse. Look into colon hydrotherapy. Do all these things, I suggest, before you consider having moles removed. Get preventive first. Among other health and beauty gains, you'll also have extra protection against the chance of any of your existing moles turning cancerous.

Video: High Frequency Ray for Clear Skin

Nikola Tesla gave us his famous Tesla Coil over a century ago. Now similar technology is available to us to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moles and other skin blemishes and to stimulate hair growth. I've just recorded a new video about the ways to use this remarkable device. Check it out here: The High Frequency Ray for Beauty


Beauty Tip

Your two best measures for preventing skin blemishes...wild berries...and a hat! It's mulberry season again. I hope you've taken some earlier advice from me and planted a mulberry tree or three, as I have. If not, do get out to some of our amazing natural parks, where mulberry trees and their delicious, nutritious berries are often plentiful, and pick a few. And while you're there, keep that blemish-preventive hat on, won't you?