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Skincare for Your Body: A Simple 5-Step Routine

Published: (September, 2021)

Skincare for Your Body: A Simple 5-Step Routine

1. Avoid Crepey Skin as You Age

During my younger years, I had many hip surgeries to deal with congenital bilateral hip problems. So, to address my numerous scars, I often have to visit myofascial release specialists.

Recently, I had a session with a new therapist, Lina. As we talked, she said she was 65. As she worked on me, I had a feeling she wanted to ask me something but didn’t know how to begin. Finally, she steered the conversation to skincare.

Lina’s been in business for 30 years. In her experience, most women in their 60s have dry, patchy skin. As we grow older, she explained, our oil and sweat glands grow less active. Decreased cell renewal and hormonal changes contribute to dry and rough skin. But she was very surprised that in my case, she felt smooth, moist skin—not the dry roughness she’d come to expect from women “my age.”

Wisely, she tells her clients to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and she even exceeds this limit herself. Still, according to her observation, dry skin runs rampant among the over 60s. Lina wanted to know what I do differently for my skin.

It’s definitely not drinking water.

Consider a plum and a prune. The same fruit, but one of them is dried. Now, take that prune and plop it in a glass of tap water. Rehydrate it all you want—that prune is never going to be a plum again, never even going to look anything like its old plum self.

The truth is no amount of free water can replace the loss of vital electrolytes and many other aspects we haven’t yet identified. That’s why eating cooked food and filling yourself with eight glasses of water will never make you look fresh and youthful after forty.

I drink virtually no free water. See my book Quantum Eating. It’s because, on a raw food lifestyle, everything I eat is 80% water or better. Raw foods are very hydrating—they’re definitely part of the answer to dry skin.

Another is diligent skincare.

2. Simple 5-Step Skincare Routine for Your Body

1. Dry brushing.

It’s my belief that dry skin is neglected skin. I recommend dry brushing. Consider … Every minute, we lose about 30,000 dead skin cells.

Dry brushing helps remove those old cells, promoting the growth underneath of new cells. That’s the first benefit of dry brushing—exfoliation.

Beyond this, though, dry brushing can, when practiced consistently, improve circulation of the blood and lymph. Do it well, and you’ll help your skin become both softer and tighter. See my new video on YouTube on the left.

More information about dry brushing you can find here.

2. Cleansing.

Use the gentlest cleanser you can find, and use very little of it. Our Facial Gentle Cleanser is sulfate-free! No ethylene oxide, no amides, and it’s readily biodegradable.

Contains no harsh detergents that can strip, dehydrate, or irritate. Instead, our cleanser contains hydrating herbal extracts, such as chamomile flower extract, green tea leaf extract, olive leaf extract and aloe vera leaf juice, to make it appropriate even for the most sensitive skin—gentle enough for babies!

I use the same cleanser for my face and my body since I feel even a small amount is enough to cleanse the body.

3. Moisturising.

I believe that water-based lotions aren’t enough for moisturizing your body as you get older. Oil-based cream is much better for the body. My advice: Dry brush every morning, take a shower, then apply an oil-based body cream. Then start your cupping massage …

4. Cupping Massage.

Healthy collagen is the key to giving your skin the right nutrition. But with age, collagen fibers lose their ability to carry water … Your collagen becomes “hard,” unable to moisturize the skin, and your capillaries can no longer send nutrients to your skin’s surface. Cupping massage enhances capillary action... refreshing and revitalizing your collagen, smoothing out uneven areas.

Our décolleté area tends to make us look older than we feel. To avoid that old crinkly cleavage, I perform a gentle cupping massage on my upper chest.

You can apply these Body Sculpting Cups on areas affected by cellulite, on your stretch marks, to reduce or eliminate love handles, to revitalize aging skin or to address the flab in your arms. Don’t we all want that? But that is not all. In my case, the cup application also greatly improved the appearance of my scars.


Most people’s capillaries are in such a sorrowful state that the cupping massage, their first time out, can cause some bruising. When I first performed it (years ago) on my upper chest and arms, I ended up with bruises. I knew what was happening and wasn’t worried. Those bruises healed in just a few days. I haven’t had one since. My advice: If you do try the cupping massage, don’t start with a visible area. Go for a thigh first.

5. Microneedling

Microneedling is very beneficial for your skin rejuvenation. You can use your RejuvaRoll not only on your face and scalp but also on any other part of your body, such as the neck, legs, arms, décolleté area, and stomach. Blood rushes to your skin's surface, repairing and rejuvenating your skin, resolving certain skin problems, and stimulating cells with a minuscule current. 

Our New Product: Propolis Body Balm

We all want our facial cream to be completely natural. We want to understand every ingredient used in the formula. But so often we see those fancy technical terms!

The more difficult names usually belong to

  • emulsifiers, which encourage suspension of one component in another
  • stabilizers, aiding emulsion stability and improving shelf life of a cosmetic formula
  • thickeners that enhance consistency, volume, and viscosity
  • preservatives that ensure no contamination
  • artificial colorants
  • fragrances

Creating a product that contains none of these but still has a nice consistency, is softening, healing, and hydrating for your skin, has great color and a gentle natural scent, can withstand temperature fluctuations and has a reasonable shelf life, is remarkably challenging.

So challenging, indeed, that we made a few bloopers early on in the process. For example, shea butter is an ideal ingredient for softening skin. But it has a low melting point, so it melts and softens very easily. If it cools too slowly, it can become grainy. So, shipping during hot weather is dicey. But even this difficulty has been resolved in the latest version of our Propolis Body Balm. We are always striving...

If you like our Nourishing Night Cream, you’ll love our NEW product: Propolis Body Balm.

The basic recipe for this cream comes from my regular therapist. She has been using a similar cream while working on me. I hope you like it as much as I do. It cannot get more natural.