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Clean Living is a Blessing

Hello, I want to start off by thanking you for changing my life, health, and happiness. I have been predominately raw for over 7 years now after reading your first book, and I have to tell you that I wake up everyday feeling fantastic. I am in my LATE 20’s and just yesterday a neighbor guessed my age at 14! From my example alone, I have influenced countless friends and family, and I believe the circle will just keep widening.

Clean living is such a blessing. I know that I have the diet part down, and I also choose to live simply, but recently I have had this gnawing feeling in my gut about spirituality. I know from your books that this is important to you, and I truly believe that you have an opportunity to have some serious influence on us. The way you write is so beautiful and convincing...Thank you once again for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. Please know that you are making a huge impact on so many of us. Cheers.

M. (December, 2011)