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The Most Inspirational

Hello Tonya: 
You are a dynamo! 
Thank you again for your inspirational presentation on raw foods in Cobb, CA last Thursday. It was wonderful to see you in person for the first time; I first heard of you about 4 years ago and your method and story was by far the most inspirational that I read. Before that, I’d tried to live off raw juices and raw salads back in 1995 and from a photo back then, that was the best I’d ever looked ... seeing you in person and hearing your story live gave me that extra push I needed to really jump off and embrace this way of eating because it is a joyful choice, not an ascetic one. You are living proof of what it can do for regular people. 

I’ve always wanted to feel more confident, more beautiful, more at ease in my skin as a woman. It has been a difficult journey at times, but I’ve noticed that the times when I felt closest to this state was when I was eating more raw, meditating regularly, and not striving for material success out of fear of having to live up to some standard. What I feel your books to is to affirm to women that it is OK to seek our best, most beautiful selves, and that it is not vain or conceited to do so. And another thing: the 40s are a time to celebrate and embrace your passions ... 

I’ve been reading your books all weekend and realize I’m just at the beginning and more is to come … wow! You describe this feeling in your books, so I feel by writing your confession that you have done many people a great service by providing a road map of what the journey is like with its highs and lows. 

Thank you again. I wish you and Nick happy travels. My hope is that you enjoyed your visit and that maybe you’ll come back soon!

Y. M. (July, 2008)