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Truly Inspirational

Hello Tonya, I read all your books and saw various sites also mentioned by you. Thanks for writing such good books with a logical explanation of all facts. Your books are truly inspirational.  ... I am in constant search for all the sites suggestingraw eating, or taking care of God temple so that it can be used more forserving others, and your site was one such search. I am actually thankful to God for introducing this site to me.

Now , on your books, I have already started doing so many things assuggested by you, green smoothies is one. Since I am already used to fasting so eating has never been a problem .Dry Brushing of the face, it is already showing on my faceI am going to try some of your recipies which looks yummy and yet simple. As and when I will notice changes I will be writing to you.

B (July, 2008)