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Skin Looks Amazing

Hello, I just had to write you. I have been eating about 80% raw now for awhile. I have always suffered with bad skin before eating raw. 47 years of acne, severe white heads on my face and also dandruff, not just in my hair but all over my body. MY skin has always been very sensitive so I have to be very careful when using products or scrubbing my skin, usually scrubbing with any type of exfoliant will make my face bleed and break out. Well recently I tried your regimen of skin brushing, I do it daily, very gently. My skin looks amazing, no more acne, dandruff or the troubling clogged pores. It feels so good when I brush my face that I look forward to it, I haven't had a single break out in weeks, AMAZING. My skin is glowing for the first time in my adult years. Even the old scarring from all the picking I used to do is fading. Also the skin is baby soft, my husband keeps wanting to touch my face, that's a first. Really surprised me that the brushing wasn't at all irritating to the skin. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

G.H. (March, 2010)