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Skin Brushing Machine


My Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion gets the credit for my clear, smooth complexion. It's ideal for facial dry-brushing. I've been using it daily for several years now. And the compliments on my complexion are keep coming. I offer it as a FREE gift as a special deal on my website.

But what if your skin is especially sensitive? Or you've only just started on your raw foods journey and aren't yet much initiated into the program? You might want to consider the Skin Brushing Machine instead. If you feel intimidated about using my facial brush on your face, the Skin Brushing Machine is a great way to start.

It's ideal for sloughing dead cells and removing the dirt that clings to your skin surface. My Skin Brushing Machine is a professional device, usually used to brush the skin before commencing further cosmetic treatments. But the Skin Brushing Machine is gentle - great for your daily exfoliation.

Facial Brush

For a glowing complexion.

Do be careful, however. If your condition includes varicose veins, adenitis, wounds, telangiectusia, eczema, pustulous acne, furunculosis or tosaces, this product is not for you. Not, at least, until your raw foods journey and improving health have brought you farther along.

Here's what you need to know about the Skin Brushing Machine ...

It's gentle. Use it for sensitive skin, or as a preparation for my firmer Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion. Ideal for all skin types - dry, oily or sensitive.

It's safe for use around your eyes. My Facial Brush is not appropriate for this delicate area. But use the Skin Brushing Machine's smallest round brush attachment for your eyelid area.

It's great for exfoliating hard-to-reach areas. By using the smallest brush attachment, you can exfoliate hard-to-reach areas like those around your nose.

Body Brush

Exfoliate and invigorate!

Great for your nails, too! It comes with two Rubstone attachments for polishing and repairing nails.

Helps hydrate your skin! Your Skin Brushing Machine comes with a special foam brush attachment for better skin hydration. Just place a little moisturizer on the foam brush and work into your face and neck areas. If your cream is exceptionally gentle (like the  Beautiful On Raw Facial Cream  with Sea Buckthorn Oil) you can even use it around your eyes.

I begin with a dry brushing session. Start from the neckline or throat, continuing to your jaw, chin, cheeks, upper lip, nose and forehead. Just 30 seconds or less will do nicely for your first couple of days. Gradually increase your time, as you feel comfortable, for up to one, even two minutes. As soon as you're done, apply a good moisturizer to accelerate your skin's rejuvenation and get ready for another exfoliation a day or two later.

Sea-Buckthorn Oil

For beautiful skin.

When you're experienced with the Skin Brushing Machine, you may want to move up to my Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion. But when you do, you'll still want to use your Skin Brushing Machine on your more delicate areas. I use both - the Facial Brush for the face and neck, and the Skin Brushing Machine on my eyelids and around the eyes.