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Your Books are Incredible

I love all your products! The devices are starting to make a difference after a few weeks. And your books are incredible. They’re so packed with well-researched info and your tips, that I’m sure they will be my companion for many years to come.

I’m so very, very thankful that I found you. It was “just in the nick of time”! But now as I’m just about to turn 60, I can look forward to getting better and better as the years progress. I can’t wait to see how I’ve changed in one year, and in 7 years. I’ll be a radiant 67 year old anomaly!

My raw journey is only three months old, but I’ve found that I actually prefer to eat this way so it’s not a struggle. I already feel clear and exuberant.

Thank you so much Tonya for all of your efforts and spreading your message. I love all of your books, devices, and will be using your skincare products for years and years! They’re all amazing. I also enjoy reading your blog.

Best regards,

S.A. (March, 2017)