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Raw Foods Helped With Hypoglycemia and Hot Flashes

Hypoglycemia may not be as life threatening as cancer, but I was ready to end life with my husband at best, and at worst, end my life altogether. There was a black cloud over my head. My emotions were a shambles. I hated my husband. And I thought I was normal.

I itched all over. My eye twitched constantly. My neck hurt. When I pressed on the ache over my right eye, I felt it in the back of my head. I couldn’t concentrate at all after 2:00 P.M. Everything was a monumental task that I overcame only by will. I couldn’t handle my five kids until I had been prone for at least 20 minutes (in a semi-coma). At red lights, I told my kids to let me know when the light changed: I’d be asleep and dreaming before it did.

The doctor told me to eat lots of protein and limit my carbohydrates. Half a cup of rice, half a potato, no carrots, peas, or fruit! And, of course, no sweets. I kept perfect track of everything. In 4 months, as he predicted, the sun shone again. However, I had developed arthritis. I also learned that such a diet was sure to cause cancer sooner or later.

After reading about a vegan diet of 85% raw foods, it made so much sense that I couldn’t ignore it. I had 30 relatives coming to spend a week sleeping on floors over Christmas. Oh, and I quit eating meat and fixed them all vegetarian spaghetti. I was not at all trying to let anyone know about my diet change at that point, let alone promote it. The only one I even mentioned it to was my husband, but he had no interest in hearing me then.

Within two weeks, I had so much energy that I was running up and down stairs and still getting things done at midnight. Hypoglycemia was gone! I could eat all the fruit, carrots (juice) and potatoes I wanted. However, the joint pain increased. Holding a pencil hurt. I gritted my teeth every time I gave High 5’s to the kids at the gym where I taught gymnastics. I learned to decrease the inflammation with Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) however.

For more than 10 years I successfully followed the limited raw food lifestyle. Menopause came and went. Not the hot flashes—they just came. When Tonya Zavasta suggested that a totally raw foods diet might help the pain, I gave it a try. 100% raw food diet did help. Finally, I don’t have to use progesterone cream for hot flashes and I can teach gymnastics without pain.

My husband still does his own thing when it comes to eating, but he loves green smoothies and has an occasional fresh carrot juice. Now he is my cup of sweetness. Guess I’ll keep him after all.

Mrs. S. (May, 2008)