Your info always inspires me.

Hi Tonya, I am finally getting around to thanking you.  I have been receiving your newsletter and purchasing your products for at least 5 years now.  I have read most of your books and look forward to hearing from you every month.  Your info always inspires me and helps me believe that staying beautiful and healthy is definitely possible. 

Every time I am tempted towards having some form of cosmetic chemical procedure I just go visit with you and it helps me to think twice.  You are so right about how reaching 50 is a changing point mentally for how a woman feels about aging.  It hit me and I was shocked.  I came up against my beliefs about what being this age meant.  How we are so programmed to believe its all down hill from here, and how we become almost invisible.  This is what I started to feel anyway. 

I have faced my false beliefs and I am now excited about what is possible for me and my future.  We really do live in exciting times.  I know that when you hit that 60 mark you will be such a massive inspiration for so many women, it will be so amazing.  You are braking so many barriers for all of us. 

I am so thankful that I found you all those years ago.  I seriously cant thank you enough for what you have contributed to my life.  I am sending you big hugs and much love.