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Due to popular demand, and designed especially for gift giving, the Beautiful on Raw Beauty Bundle is perfect for those just beginning a beauty regimen on the raw food lifestyle, and for those already familiar with the products who just want the convenience of an all-in-one package. This handy kit takes the guesswork out of setting up your own daily regimen for skin and hair care as it includes all the foundational products that I use and recommend.

Our kit is perfect for introducing someone special to beautifying products and practices that will provide lasting benefits. You and your gift are sure to be appreciated.

Those embarking on the raw food diet will be thrilled at the physical changes our gift package will bring. This special package was created with this goal in mind: to help you reveal your true Rawsome Beauty potential.

Achieving glowing, youthful skin requires deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. Healthy, luxurious hair results from massage and exfoliation of the scalp, proper cleansing and conditioning, and stimulation of the hair roots. I have combined everything together in one convenient, economical assortment that comes in its own reusable carry all.

The Bundle includes:

That's not all. You also get:

AND... a physical copy of Rawsome Flex: Beautifying System of Facial Exercises and Raw Foods FREE Learn more about facial exercising here ...

Over $48 of FREE Products in all!

Daily use of our Beautiful on Raw Beauty Bundle, along with a raw food diet, will bring you a radiant and timeless beauty.

You may purchase the Beautiful on Raw Beauty Bundle here: