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What is the Best Night Cream for You?

First, there are two major types of Night Cream: water-based and oil-based. I believe that, if you’re over 30, you’ll better off using an oil-based cream. Reason: Water-based cream or serum will be absorbed too quickly.
We offer three different oil-based creams, all 100 per cent natural, that you can use as night cream.

Our Nourishing Night Cream is an oil-based cream with shea butter as a main ingredient, so it’s thick and ideal for use with any or all of the beauty tools I believe in and use every day myself. These are the Strigil, the RejuvaCup or RejuvaCup HD, and the Violet Ray.

Night Cream

100% Natural Oil-Based Cream

Our Propolis Body Balm is very good for those who experience skin irritation of any kind and can benefit from the antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflamotary properties of Propolis, present generously in this cream. This choice may be helpful also for those who experience any redness that might linger a bit too long after using our beauty tools.

Propolis Body Balm

100% Natural for Body and Face

A third option: our Midnight Rose Cream. Though an oil-based cream, it absorbs faster than the other two. So, it's good for those who need their night cream mostly absorbed before bed. This cream might be ideal for those who use our WrinkAlign patches, so they will hold to the skin better after applying this fast-absorbing cream than, say, our Nourishing Night Cream.

Midnight Rose Night Cream

Vegan with Aramanth Seed Oil

It all comes down to personal preference. Try them all, and discover how well each can work for you.