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When Feeling Good is Not Enough ... A Terrific Home Workout

Published: (September, 2013)

When Feeling Good is Not Enough ... A Terrific Home Workout
Trip to Our Hometown

In August, my husband Nick and I visited our hometown in Moldova. The highlight: a lovely, heartfelt reunion with my mom. She was deeply touched and grateful for many of my readers' expressions of good wishes which I translated for her.

Mom's aged, unfortunately, and would not allow me to post any pictures of her. 

If I needed any more proof that raw foods work, I got it in the startled expressions of the various acquaintances who hadn't seen me in many years. They said I have changed-and much for the better, and all wanted to know what I do to stay so young-looking.

Most rewarding was seeing some former high school students that I'd tutored in physics and mathematics, grown adults now in their late 30s. Their reaction to my transformation was uninhibitedly vocal. They had "the usual" health and weight issues that come with middle age. All took an interest in my lifestyle, believing that, since I'd helped them once to grasp the rigors of science, I could help them again.

Quantum Eating

Yes, you can have a youthful glow!

However much we want to catch up with old friends and family, there's a superficial element for us all. We want to see how they look, how they've aged, how they compare to us. Vanity? Sure. And universal, too. Before they hear about your career, your last vacation, or that hilarious anecdote from the past, they'll be looking right at you. Evaluating...Judging.

If you're a raw food aficionado, following any kind of health-improving diet or exercise regimen, do your best to look your best for the occasion. 

Some people tell me "I don't care about my appearance, all I want is to be healthy." I wrote this article just for you. My good intention is to convince you that as chronological age is mounting up we don't really have a choice. Care about and for your appearance, or else...Read the article here: When Feeling Good is Not Enough...

Great Home Workout

Do you want to know a new workout method I am using these days? Think barbell...kettle bells...resistance bands? No, it's just two plain paper plates! I discovered this workout while searching for a convenient way to exercise when I am traveling. I loved it so much, I continued my "paper plates" daily practice even upon returning home...Please, try it and let me know how you like it.  

Learn more about it here: