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The Best Toothbrush for Compromised Teeth…How Much Toothpaste is Too Much?

One of my customers asked: Will you be giving a free natural toothbrush with your Oral Balm? 

I thought about it. Seemed so obvious—a free, natural-bristle brush to go with our Oral Balm. I used to own one of those brushes—they’re excellent. 

But now I’m using an electric toothbrush and I like it. This is one of those rare times I prefer the new-fangled over the old, the natural.

A sonic toothbrush is a worthwhile investment. (I just gave one to my son for his 30th birthday!) I highly recommend them (any brand will probably suffice), mainly because they create sound waves that help to dislodge plaque, but also because it’s so easy to get over-zealous and over-scrub your gums with a traditional toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes are less likely to create gum irritation and excess wear on tooth enamel. If you follow the directions, electric toothbrushes make it easier to do a gentler, yet more thorough job. Learn more about the importance of prevention in avoiding gum disease in this article.

Advertisements for conventional toothpastes often show a brush loaded with sparkly cream. Some of the pastes shown are arctic white, others in bright blues or reds, still others come in colorful stripes, some even curl up fancifully at the end. Ask around, and any honest dentist will tell you that these great gobs of toothpaste are far too much product to be using! Toothpaste manufacturers might balk, but the truth is you only need a pea-sized dollop, and even that recommendation is for common store-bought toothpastes containing many inactive ingredients and fillers. 

You’ll find that pea-size dab quite sufficient, with the added bonus that your product will last longer. One of our 2.3-ounce jars should last a full month. 

Most people wet their brushes before use. My advice:  Don’t. Using a dry, clean brush will avoid diluting the product. Your own natural saliva is all the moisture you need, and offers its own disinfecting properties. 

Dip the you clean dry brush into the balm at an angle, applying a small amount  to the end of the bristles. Gently brush for two full minutes as recommended on the label.

But back to that “free gift” thing… I love to give gifts. I am giving you one. Buy two jars of our Bentonite Oral Balm with White Oak Bark and Wheatgrass, and I’ll send you 2 FREE packages of our Siberian—my gift to you. This offer is available here. Between the Oral Balm and this natural resin gum, I resolved my gum problems: no more unhealthy deep gum pockets. Try this terrific combination and see if it works for you!