Beautiful Hands at Any Age

January 12th, 2015


Are Your Hands Beautiful?

The backs of the hands are one of the first places where aging manifests itself, in the form of rough, dry, spotted, wrinkled and thinning skin. All these signs of aging can be diminished if you give your hands just a few minutes of your loving attention. Watch this short video and adopt the simple practice I demonstrate for keeping hands youthful and beautiful at any age. Just a few minutes daily and you'll see a marked improvement in 28 days! Watch the new video here...

Answering your questions...

The New Year is upon us, and that means it's time for New Year's resolutions! If you've resolved to improve your health and appearance, you might hit some crossroads on your journey. Here are my responses to some of the most common questions I receive.


When I first started eating raw I felt fantastic. I’d wake up at 4 am on a huge high, then go all day without even being tired. Now I am sleeping really well, but not waking until eight. I’ve also lost that buzzy feeling, though I still feel good and have lots of energy. Do you know why we have this initial high and why it doesn't last?


This is perfectly normal. Switching from cooked to raw is a huge change. The body does its cleansing and adjusting in phases. At one time I had to sleep 12 hours straight, then just months later would wake up at 4 am, feeling refreshed. For me, it took a few years before things evened out. Along the way, we need to do what the body tells us. If it says rest, give it rest.

As to that buzzy feeling, it’s still there, but you get used to it. That is what the body does with familiar things. And all that blossoming health - what a wonderful thing to get used to!


Six months ago I went vegan and I lost fat from my face. I look bad - worse than when I was eating very unhealthily. I do understand that 48 years of meat, fish, eggs, pasta, wine, and coffee aren’t easy to clean out. Nonetheless, I added cooked food back in to see if I could get my face back. All my weight came back, but not to the face. What should I do?


First, let me repeat something I've said many times before: If you’re over 40, and especially over 50, dietary changes must be done VERY GRADUALLY. When you start a health journey after age 40 and do it overnight, there’s going to be an initial time when you have to choose whether it’s health you want, or looks. Fret not - this is temporary, and after a time you won’t be having to choose, and can have it both ways.

Let your body take care of your inside organs first. Your appearance will have to wait. There is no advantage – NONE - in taking such a big step backwards. Unwrinkled plump face and an unhealthy body? Where’s the sense in that?

A serious daily skin care routine is a must and things will get better.

It’s also very important to think positively. Think of how much good you are doing for your body by improving your diet. Think forward, not backward, and you will have a better body, a better face and a better life!


Tonya, what’s your opinion about Collagen Wave treatment? Tell me before I book the appointment, won’t you. It’s said to be ‘radio-frequency combined with ultrasound waves that heat up the deeper layers of the skin to encourage the production of new collagen.’ Sounds great. But is it safe?


I’ve never had it done. I admit: It doesn’t sound unsafe. But can it hurt your skin? I don’t intend to be part of the experimental group to find out.

Is ‘going in for treatments’ every few weeks or months really the best way to have beautiful, youthful skin? Let's consider the following: Our skin ages every day. It does need help. Every day, in fact. But the help it needs is exfoliation, nourishment, and stimulation.

Anything your skin can’t recover from in a day is too aggressive in my book. Such treatments can likely leave internal or even external scarring. And the longer such a procedure lasts, the more aggressive it has to be.

All skin treatments wear off. And the law of diminishing returns sets in. You’ll have to be more aggressive to get the same results. Do I really want to keep going back again and again, and give total control of how I look to somebody else? No. That’s not my way.

You know the old saw: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Great skin just isn’t that easy. Other people cannot give it to you. You have to work for it.

Start with a simple daily knuckle massage. Add in some of the other practices described in my e-book Guide to an Ageless Face (see below) and you’ll get good results day after day. These results will top anything that cosmetic treatments could do in the long run.

It’s your decision of course. And it’s your face, too.

"Ageless Face" Available in PDF+Kindle!

A number of readers indicated that Kindle was not their preferred reading format, so my e-book, Guide to An Ageless Face, is available for sale in our Online Store in both PDF and Mobi/Kindle formats. When you make the purchase, you will receive links for downloading the e-book in both formats.

In this e-book I share my revolutionary "Skin Training System" that will train your face to replace old cells with new ones with youthful regularity and bring on that glow of youth. I devised this system and continue enhancing it for my own benefit.

Every technique you'll read about here is one I now use or have successfully used. Will it work for you? What I can promise is this... You have the ability to realign your face, as it now shows in the mirror, with the bright, youthful self you have in mind. You'll see the changes. And so will people around you.

"Ageless" means you'll look great every day of the year. Not just after some pricey, risky filler treatment, not just after an occasional trip to a cosmetologist. Look ageless every day...your whole life! Learn more about this E-book here...

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