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Botox… Telltale Signs and Consequences

Published: (May, 2017)

Botox… Telltale Signs and Consequences

Do You Know How to Spot a Botox User?

Recently I came across a YouTube video… A young woman, 25, proudly demonstrating her freshly injected Botox face two days after the fact. As I was getting over the initial shock (I’d been under the impression Botox injections were strictly for the over-40 crowd), the comments below this video blew me away. For example:

I’m 15 and cannot wait to get Botox…

Other female commentators—some as young as 14—were “dreaming” about it.

What’s going on? An epidemic?

Since my first book, Your Right to Be Beautiful, I regularly receive  messages voicing regret for having spent so much time in their youth in the sun. I can see the same thing happening with Botox. Just give it a decade. I’ll be getting those same emails from Botox users. You can hear it coming—the plaintive cry: Why didn’t they tell us? In fact, the first trickles are already coming in.

So here’s my new article: Botox: Telltale Signs and Consequences. At least you won’t be saying, I wish someone had told me.

The following comment came after I posted my How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles video:

I never see your forehead crinkle when you talk, like most normal young people, which to me indicates Botox, even though you claim otherwise. Continue reading here.

Better With Age
It’s hard to be young…

I’d never want my 20s back again…

I’m better off now. I’m healthy. I’ve got lots of energy. I’m confident in my appearance. I’m accepting of what is. I know who I am and why I’m here. These are all things the young rarely have.

Confidence is the biggest part of being viewed as beautiful. Especially after 40.

And nothing gives you more confidence than maintaining your looks under your own rules and not being at mercy of others—even the best team of cosmetologists and dermatologists.

Can you imagine spending the rest of your life, lying in their offices, their operating facilities, wondering: Will it really work this time? You do understand that the risk of ending up with a twitching brow and that look of permanent surprise, or an infection that will leave you longing for your “before” face, is real, don’t you?

Nothing beats the quiet confidence that comes from healthy eating, staying fit, and owning an effective beauty practice. At whatever age you are—40, 50, 60 and beyond—you can look 10, even 20 years younger.

You’ll never have to pretend. When someone asks your age, you needn’t be coy. You can say, straight up, I’m thirty-eight… I’m forty-seven… I’m sixty-three. You’ll be proud of it. And glad. You’ll enjoy your age—your vintage, if you will.

The image you’ll project: No, I’m not young, I am vintage material. Wise and rare. Like vintage stamps, vintage coins, or a vintage bottle of wine. Sure, I wear a little patina. But I have the kind of beauty now that I could have never had back in my twenties.

Did you know that just a tiny percentage of the world’s wine is meant to age? That only this tiny percentage is even capable of aging well—that the rest just “gets old” as the years pass?

Most wine is meant to be drank young, its flavor peaking early—a few years or even just months into its life. Left for years in the rack, based on the foolish belief that all wines improve with age, it simply flattens or sours.

But in the best wines, flavors slowly mix, enzymes work their subtle magic, and subtle genius emerges under the cork that could never have existed without the effects of time. In the same way, I’m determined to get better with age. And I hope you’ll make the same decision.

Where to begin? Begin with improving your diet. Eating raw foods inevitably gives you the feeling of authenticity, an assurance that you have become what were meant to be. More in my new e-book The Raw Food Phenomenon: My 20-Year Journey.