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RejuvaPad for Youthful Eyes

Reduces puffy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines.

Many have written to say they love our RejuvaRoll. But they’ve asked for a smaller roller to use under the eyes. I’ve found a better solution: our new RejuvaPad product.

RejuvaPad fits much better under the eyes than any roller ever could. Tap gently under the eyes and you’ll see the RejuvaPad leaves tiny massage marks—perfectly natural. Now apply castor oil or a quality oil-based night cream. Do this before bedtime to let the oil penetrate fully and the marks disappear.

Just as muscle growth happens when we “damage” a muscle in a small, controlled way, so skin rejuvenation happens when we create a tiny amount of “damage” and give it time to heal. So don’t worry about those little marks your RejuvaPad will leave—they’ll heal quickly and give you renewed, fresh-feeling skin.

Instructions: Close your eyes. With your finger inserted inside the RejuvaPad, tap the area under one eye area for a few seconds. Repeat for the other eye.

For best results…

  • Sleep on your back—especially if you’re over 40. This helps avoid creases created during the night.
  • Consume fresh vegetable juices daily.
  • Apply certified organic castor oil after your RejuvaPad application.

Important: The best time to use RejuvaPad is right before bedtime.

RejuvaPad: The solution for eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines.

After you applying RejuvaPad, you’ll see it leaves tiny impressions—dots—on your skin. That’s perfectly normal. Simply apply castor oil or a night cream. When it’s penetrated, those little dots will disappear. How fast?

Organic Castor Oil

A skin and hair beautifying agent.

This depends on your skin’s condition. The firmer and more supple your skin, the quicker they go way. Five to 30 minutes is typical. For mature skin, it may take a little longer.

How hard do I press? How often should I use it? 

No strict rules, here. How hard to press and how often to use your RejuvaPad…it all depends on your skin. Start gently. The idea is: The RejuvaPad’s pins will create “microdamage” (without ever penetrating your skin). Your body will rush fresh blood to heal the "microdamage" and this will rejuvenate the area. Press just enough to create some redness that goes away in an hour or so. With each application, skin will adjust and begin to heal faster. 

That’s why you should use your RejuvaPad before bedtime. When you awaken in the morning, those tiny marks will be gone. Over time, you’ll see the benefit of RejuvaPad, as it strengthens and softens the skin around your eyes.


For healing and improved circulation.

No worries with RejuvaPad! RejuvaPad never penetrates the skin. Instead, you get a gentle stimulating effect that gets your body’s natural healing power to work, bringing you a fresh, healthy look. Use your RejuvaPad every night for best results. 

How should I go about sterilizing my RejuvaPad?

For cleaning, just spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Keep in mind: Using your RejuvaPad to advantage takes dedication, creativity, and patience. But then nothing—not even surgery—gives instant results.