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Don't Age... Change!

Published: (January, 2016)

Don't Age... Change!

Are You Happy With the Way You're Aging?

I turned 58!
What teaches you better about aging than the inexorable fact of getting more candles on your birthday cake? Over the years, I've been sharing with you what to expect in your forties, early fifties, and now late fifties.

Aging comes in stages. Yet always, it seems, "suddenly."

Our 30s

The first little shock comes soon after you turn thirty. You feel the first touch of aging. A wrinkle here, puffiness there, a spot you'd never seen before. You stop taking youth for granted. You start being careful—a little, anyway— about what you eat. You begin some kind of skin care routine, and you start to believe you have aging under control.

Our 40s

The really big surprise happens around forty: The quality of your skin worsens drastically, and weight—mostly fat, you hesitate to realize—starts to show up in all the wrong places. Even the skinny ones, the people who've been able fearlessly to eat anything will discover the body is no longer forgiving. Here's where the battle of the bulge begins. About this time, you become aware of the effects of aging in others around you. You notice how others age and you start to compare yourself to them.

Our 50s

The next major blow comes around fifty. Everything slackens. Skin loosens. Fat begins leaving you, but this time you wish it didn't.

Our 60s

And there's the sixties... I haven't reach this stage yet, but from my observations, I'd say it's the facial expressions that most strongly betray aging. All the emotions you've most predominantly expressed throughout your life become visible on your face. All your pain, your worries, your judgments, and your disapprovals are written there.

I believe I know how to look and feel very youthful up to age sixty. Everything I've been writing and sharing with you over the past fifteen years works. But, I realized, observing people over sixty, that even with the best eating plan and the best beauty routine, developed so far, I'm going to lose to aging, unless I do something different.

What makes you unattractive after age sixty is not your loose skin or hanging triceps. It's your attitude to life, etched in your face, your posture, your voice, even the way you move. It's not just skin and figure. It's the lost innocence of youth, the indefinable "something" that keeps a person youthful. And after sixty, its total absence makes the face edgy, sharp. You cannot hide that look, and you cannot fake something that isn't there.

Botox is out of the question for me, I wanted to get to the root of the problem, not just address the symptoms. I wanted to find an answer to a simple question: How can I remove tension from the face?

No mere beauty trick here. This development means changing your attitude toward life's challenges, toward your own and others' imperfections. It means learning how stop being afraid or worried. My quest led me to reading many spiritual and self-help books and finding some life-transforming answers. That is how my book The Quantum Key:Transcending Life's Trials came about.