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The Raw Food Diet and Breathing Exercises

There is no way we are getting energy from raw foods alone. Do not underestimate the power of breathing as part of an anti-aging lifestyle. It is enormous. Raw food and oxygen are our primary sources of vital energy. Therefore, attention to these bodily functions is fundamental in cultivating health and longevity.

Oxygen is absolutely necessary to burn the food we eat. It supplies us with energy, and it is also essential for removing toxins from the body. Here is the catch; while oxygen chases pathogenic microorganisms and other filth out of your body, it is doing you a great service. Oxygen that is burning your food for energy will be doing long term damage in the sense that it ages you.

Look at it this way:

Oxygen is helping you with cleansing for free, but it is charging you hard currency for its job of releasing energy from food. To partially neutralize oxygen's nasty aging nature, we should learn to breathe slowly, taking fewer breaths per minute. At the same time, to take full advantage of oxygen's cleansing service, we should take deep breaths.

The quantity of oxygen absorbed determines your body's vitality. The faster you breathe, the less efficiently you use oxygen. The higher your breathing rate, the faster your body deteriorates from lack of oxygen. Your life span is directly linked to your breathing rate. Similar to lowering the metabolic rate, longevity is aided by slowing your breathing patterns. A breathing rate of once in a minute is thought to be the secret of longevity in Indian yogis. Breathing exercises are essential in reducing your breathing rate.

The lungs are not muscles. They cannot inhale or exhale on their own. They are totally dependent on the diaphragm, a large muscle that works like a bellows. Breathing deeply and holding your breath provides exercise for the diaphragm. Breathing exercises generally increase the volume of air flow, which provides more oxygen and removes carbon dioxide more efficiently. By cutting down the number of breaths required per minute by more than half, diaphragmatic breathing greatly enhances your respiratory efficiency, conserving your heart and preserving vital energy.

The lung meridian is the most active between 3 and 5 am. It controls chi, according to Chinese medicine. Chi means both breath and energy. Breath is energy. Lung weakness can be reflected in the appearance and condition of the skin, which is also a respiratory organ. The lungs and the large intestine are actually internal extensions of the skin. One very effective way to improve the complexion is to do breathing exercises daily! You will find two easy and very effective breathing exercises in Quantum Eating.

Modern science knows that not just eating, even raw food eating, but also living, is hazardous to your health. But the clear fact is that eating raw foods is less aging than eating processed food. And eating a smaller quantity of raw foods is less aging than eating a lot. Breathing fresh air is even less aging. The more nourishment you receive by breathing, the less food you will need.

Do your breathing exercises daily and they will become a most vital aid to your success with the raw food lifestyle and the Quantum Eating plan.

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