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The Quantum Key is Hot OFF the Press

Aging ... Seems nobody can escape it. No matter how good you look and feel in your thirties and forties, sooner or later it all starts to fail. The fifties, in my observation, are where almost everyone begins that breakdown.

Face it—there are limits on how far raw foods and beauty tips can reach, in anti-aging. We need more.

I got to thinking … Quantum physics has brought both science and technology to unimaginable heights, with no limit yet evident. Why not to use key ideas from quantum physics in dealing with aging? That’s exactly what my new book The Quantum Key is about. Some people are already using a few such ideas—but only unconsciously, limitedly. The real results can only happen when you begin applying the principles of quantum mechanics in your daily life. Then—and only then—will the limits begin to disappear.

In my new book The Quantum Key I wrote that “IBM researchers claim they’re now close to a technology that will allow them to build a “minimum” quantum computer. It might happen any day. Maybe it already has, and you’ll read about it tomorrow.”

As soon as I sent the book to print a team of Google and NASA engineers announced they have developed a quantum computer. It’s the D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer. There’s just one, buried in a Silicon Valley site, part of a Google-NASA joint venture.

The D-Wave is smart. And astonishingly fast—as much as a hundred million times faster than even the best computers we have working today.

Computing, now, has gone beyond just “making things smaller.” It’s taken a whole new way of thinking.

So with The Quantum Key.

There’s a limit to what you can do with conventional computing, however hard and far you push it. Likewise in the realm of anti-aging. There’s only so much you can do with diets, with beauty practices, with exercise. Getting beyond the ordinary takes thinking outside the ordinary. That’s what The Quantum Key is about: a whole new understanding. A new way of thinking is needed. 

It’s a quantum universe! From galaxies down to neutrinos—even in the realm of human consciousness—it’s a new game, with new rules. The Quantum Key can lead you, and point you to a new freedom you may never have dreamed of.

More information about the book is here.