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Fountain of Youth Revealed: Intermittent Fasting

Published: (September, 2012)

Fountain of Youth Revealed: Intermittent Fasting

If you haven't watched Dr. Michael Mosley's recent BBC documentary "The Power of Intermittent Fasting", I strongly recommend you see it. Dr. Mosley had one lofty goal in mind: to find the proverbial and (until now) elusive "fountain of youth," in order to preserve his health, vigor and enjoyment of life well into his advanced years. 

Being medically trained, he was aware that what conventional modern medicine offers clearly isn't working. So he started his quest to determine what the latest research had to say. He located dedicated scientists in the field of anti-aging from all over the world and agreed to try some of the methods they were using in their current research.

The video gradually prepares you for an interesting culmination: Dr. Mosley's anti-aging discovery is none other than a technique I advocate in my own Quantum Eating--intermittent fasting ("IF").

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These days Intermittent Fasting is getting a lot of attention. Blogs about IF are popping up all over the web. See Dr. Mercola's website. Even Andrew Weil suggests a simplified "American" version of IF. (Okay, that one's not really fasting--he's just encouraging us to go back to three meals a day. But it's a step in the right direction nevertheless.) So, I suggest don't get left behind.

Here's an excerpt from a Wikipedia article about this topic:

Mark Mattson, laboratory chief of neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging, ... says,"Our genes, our genetics, are geared to us having food intermittently. ... it's healthy, it's fine, to skip meals.... I think it's better to eat one meal a day than six small meals. You need to challenge your system. ... It's OK not to eat three meals a day. It's OK a couple of days a week to eat just one meal. It's...not only OK, it's healthy."

To learn what IF is, and how it affects aging, read Intermittent Fasting: A Sure Way to Health and Longevity.

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I came to my Quantum Eating plan independently, as a natural progression of my raw food lifestyle. And, unlike Andrew Weil, I'll challenge you to skip the half-measures and move to the most effective IF you can manage.

The Quantum Eating plan gives great anti-aging benefits even if you're not 100% raw. The question that I most often asked is: can QE be good for athletes? I've never done laboratory or longitudinal studies. I can only talk about myself and others who've used the plan.

I have two totally reconstructed hips and I have a dream: to dance decently (I'm not settling for a handicapped version). To transform my legs from severely damaged to relatively normal required and still requires enormous amounts of exercise. Right now I am doing Bikram yoga and stair climbing, take classes in belly dancing and beginner's ballet--in total, over four hours a day. I have so much energy, I can easily exercise more, but I have too many other things to do. Fortunately due to my lifestyle I don't need more than five hours of sleep.

In my earlier life, I went to bed nearly every night feeling exhausted. Now I'm full of energy. Come bedtime, I'm so excited about the next day I must include a sort of meditation before bed to calm me down.


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The subtitle of my book Quantum Eating is The Ultimate Elixir of Youth. That is exactly what QE has been for me. "You look super young!" --this is the compliment I get often these days when a stranger learns my age. You can be 'super young' in your forties, sixties, eighties, and beyond, looking and performing twenty years better than your birthdate says you should.

All this doesn't happen overnight. There are stages you'll have to go through. Thus I encourage you to read the book Quantum Eating before you attempt it. Read others' books, too, study other alternative plans, and decide what's best for you. It is, in the end, all about you.