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Combing or Brushing Your Hair… Which is Better?

Your scalp needs as much attention as your hair. Combing or brushing stimulates your scalp. A scalp massage is great for regulating oil production in your follicles. It helps to loosen and remove dead skin cells which could clog pores and block the follicles.

Stimulating the scalp helps promote circulation in the scalp. Increased circulation regulates scalp temperature and moisture, reducing sweat and redistributing oils produced in the hair follicles.

Combing may actually be the way to go. The comb pulls in specific directions. Brushes, however, stress the hair shafts in multiple directions at once and create more tension overall. Brushing, though, is quicker in terms of producing neat, smooth hair when you only have a short time. Watch excess brushing. Overdoing it can lead to split ends and breakage. When in doubt, combing is the safer choice. Don’t press too hard, or you’ll scratch your scalp!

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Worried about breakage? Go with the comb to remove tangles after washing. Better: to handle tangles, comb when your hair is dry. Work any tough tangles from the ends—not the scalp.

Why is the Hair Falling Out?

Recently, some doctors have begun to scoff at the time-honored notion of a woman’s combing her hair a hundred strokes a night. Why? Well, this is a symptom-oriented approach—they say you’ll just be pulling out hair. They’re right. You will be pulling out some hair. Weak hair. Hair that is in the exogen phase, that was going to fall out anyway. More in the article: Hair Cycles: How it Grows and Why it Sheds. Meanwhile, your most healthy hair is seated quite firmly in your scalp—it’s not going to be pulled out easily.

Don't worry about hair falling out. You can’t save that hair. It's your past. Concentrate on stimulating your scalp. Look for new hair sprouts. There’s your future healthy hair.


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The scalp, being an extremity, is deprived of good blood flow without stimulation. Treating your scalp too gingerly, trying to save what cannot be saved, is a route to having little or no hair when you get to 60 and better. Instead, be bold. Do those 100 strokes. This method has been proven through the centuries. It works.

How to Comb Your Hair.

To comb properly, bend your head forward from the waist down. While you are combing, the blood will rush to your face and hair, bringing additional nourishment.

This procedure helps open the pores by removing dirt and dead cells and distributes oil from the scalp towards the ends of your hair. The capillaries on your scalp will become unclogged and more nourishment will reach the hair roots. Combing massages the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Be sure not to hurry through this procedure. Do it firmly but gently. It is a proven way to bring shine to your hair and give it a polished look.

Our RejuvaRoll is a modernized way to get those hundred strokes. Because the needles reach deeper, you can get away with fewer than that literal hundred. What’s more, you’ll come to enjoy it!

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