Going Gray: When and How

April 18th, 2015

Are You Ready to Go Gray?

I received this comment on my How to Grow Long Hair video:

Tonya, thanks for the informative video! I’m thinking about the day when I stop coloring my hair. Have you given it any thought? I’m not sure there’s a magic age. But when do you think it’s no longer acceptable for a woman to have colored hair? And once that decision’s made, how do we transition to our natural gray?

Sure, I’ve thought about it. Just last week, in the mall, a beautiful layered bob haircut - blond with lowlights - drew my attention. But when the woman turned around... I recoiled. She was in her late sixties. Her hair was crying out young, while the rest of her shouted old. The contrast was so biting, a wave of sadness washed over me. I took it as a message for myself: I’ll have to stop coloring my hair sometime, and that time may not be so far off.

But when is the right time?

When are you going to be ready to go naturally gray? Every woman will have to decide for herself. Going gray is not only a big step for us women, but we’ve got our loved ones to consider.

My mom and my husband stand adamantly against my going gray. My husband Nick tells me: Don’t go gray. Not yet. He says that now, people may think he’s traipsing about with a “younger woman.” He likes that. When I go gray, the illusion’s over.

Mom says when she’s overdue on her coloring, she looks a good fifteen years older. We all know that feeling. Gray hair does age us.

But there are exceptions. The model Yasmina Rossi (pictured above) is definitely one of them. When touring for my raw food presentations, I met several gorgeous gray-haired women. When you meet such a woman, you get a strong feeling she must be someone special. She no longer hides her age, she brags about it.

So, to go gray or not? After looking at lots of heads and faces, in person and online, I’ve concluded: Several conditions must be met to make gray hair work for you.


How to Prepare for Gray Hair

First: a good complexion! Gray looks good on a wrinkle-free face. And you can have that face. Wrinkles are optional, provided your sound skincare routine isn’t.

Your first essential practice for a wrinkle-free face: a daily masque application. I put mine on first thing in the morning. I keep it on as long as it takes to tidy up my bed - just two or three minutes will do nicely - then take it off with a masque removing brush.

A green clay masque absorbs excess oil, draws out impurities, and tones the skin. Your masque removing process is as important as the masque application itself. A masque removing brush gives additional exfoliation and instantly makes your skin look fresher. Learn more about exfoliation and many other anti-aging skincare practices in my e-book Guide to an Ageless Face.

Second: full healthy hair. No baldness at the temples. This can be achieved too. But you’ll need give daily attention to your scalp - both hair stimulation and nourishment.

Third: good posture and a slim body. Adding raw foods to your diet will help you achieve your ideal weight and fitness level. See my books for more information.


How to Ease the Transition...The Skunk Period

When it comes to gray, it’s eventually all or nothing. But somewhere in between, for all of us, there’s this challenging period - two different colors on your hair, with a distinct dividing line: the “skunk period.”

If you’re ready to transition right now, this article might help: Transitioning to Gray Hair.

Make the change when you feel comfortable. Pick a moment when you feel excited to open a new chapter in your life.


How to Reverse and Prevent Gray Hair

If you’re dreading it, then you’re just not ready. No problem! If you find yourself at the stage where you’d rather delay all that gray, instead take a look at this article: How to Reverse and Prevent Gray Hair.


Prevention is Easier Than Reversal

Whether we are talking gray hair or a smooth complexion, prevention is always easier than reversal.

Those silver years are coming. The sooner you start preparing, the better.

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