Gratitude is the Way to Bring Abundance

November 23rd, 2015

How Can You Bring Abundance Into Your Life?

Thanksgiving. We all know what that is. It’s a day. The last Thursday in November. Drive to Mom’s place. Turkey, dressing. Laughter and joy with family. Then, sadly…done.

Rather than just let it go, I invite you to think of Thanksgiving not as just a day, an annual event, but as a daily presence. And as a method, as a practice. Always present as part of your life, day by day, hour by hour. A state of gratitude.           

A good place to start...Think of several people you're grateful to... someone who was there for you when you needed it... people who influenced your life... a person who gave you a life-changing idea. You can express your gratitude in a phone call. Perhaps even write a note of thanks and mail it. (Nobody does that anymore, which will make the gesture a powerful one for your card's recipient.) But such overt expressions really aren't necessary. What is important is that you express your gratitude in your heart. Feel it.

The recipient of your gratitude most likely will get a warm feeling - for a few minutes, perhaps a few hours. But it is you who will be the main beneficiary of your expressed gratitude.

Being in a state of gratitude is the most receptive state for inviting good things into your life. The more grateful you are, the better.

Now think of the people who've done something bad to you. If you think back on your life's unpleasant episodes and the people who've hurt you, you'll see it wasn't all bad. You learned something and you are better (not necessarily in a material sense) as a result of having gone through that process. You had to learn a lesson and they taught you. Don't they deserve your gratitude?

Express gratitude to everyone who's made a difference in your life. It's good for you - for improving your life here and now, and for having a beautiful, serene face when you're 80 or 90.

We are what we eat. But we are our emotions as well. No amount of good eating and skin care will help if you're continuously ruffled by life's trials, if you let yourself indulge a sour outlook. My new book will show you how to deal with daily challenges: why they appear in your life and how to use them to get you all the way to a joyful, fulfilled, and ageless life.

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