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Quantum Key: Transcending Life's Trials

You can live your life healthy ... happy ... and free. How? Stop lugging your problems around with you. Make them work for you.

The Quantum Key can take you there. Founded on concepts from the world of quantum physics, this reader-friendly book shows you a new way of imagining new possibilities…and innovative ways to bring them into reality.

Reading this book, you’ll learn much about yourself. Everything that’s happened, everything that’s happening now, and everything you're wishing for the future, will fall into place. You’ll find a treasure map to your destiny and solutions to all your problems!

Just finished reading The Quantum Key. What a beautiful book and what a strong content! ... Yes, your approach to life and existing troubles is the only way to live if you want to be happy and fulfilled. I am going to read this book again and will saturate my mind again in all these life changing thoughts. Please keep writing.

— I.D.

This book is not about raw foods. You can benefit from it, regardless of what you eat. What I’m sharing in this book is valuable to everyone. Different from anything I’ve ever done … yet completely consistent with the unusual, cutting edge and groundbreaking messages you’ve been hearing and reading from me. And it goes beyond anything you’ve seen before.

I just finished rereading your last book and it did influence me a lot. I never dared to go completely raw, but since i got to know you I added more raw food in my diet and constantly visit your website. Only thanks to you I realized how your way of living (raw food, fasting, sleeping on the floor...) can affect your life and destiny. It's not just about looking good, but it's also about being disciplined, having faith and finding strengths that you were not aware of before, standing out from the majority and being able to advocate your life style regardless all the negativity that comes from people who are opposed to what you are doing. Keep living the way you do and always emanate your faith that's so contagious.

— I.D.

The Quantum Key will open your eyes … ruffle your feathers … and—if you’re game—take you places you never thought possible.

For 15 years, now, I've been sharing with you my health and beauty tips. I’ve just turned 58. And I’m happy to say my methods work. I’m absolutely sure they can keep you youthful up to the age of 60.

Why up to 60, you might ask. Because after 60, aging is a whole different ball game. What happens after sixty is this… Our most predominant emotions begin to appear on our faces, just like an image appearing on developing film. If we don’t address them, negative emotions have a tendency to form unattractive folds in our faces. And all the cosmetics in the world will not be able to help. Think about it.

Even if a person has good skin, what good is that if her face expresses fear, contempt, or permanent sadness?

We can fake a nice, friendly face when we’re young. Not so easy when we’re older. If you have fears about your health … if you worry about your children or grandchildren … if you have concerns about your job, retirement, finances … if you resent what’s happening in the world around you … after sixty,  all of it will show on your face. 

I’ve become interested in how to relax the facial muscles. And we’ll not even consider Botox injections. Their effects are temporary and they leave unpleasant consequences. We develop folds and wrinkles due to the negative emotions we carry inside. So, how can we smooth and brighten our face?  Likewise, from the inside. In your late 50s, and especially after 60, looking good and feeling good emotionally go together.

Keep Calm and Stay Beautiful After 50

The relaxation of your tense face has to come from within. That’s why, when discussing anti-aging after 60, we can’t just talk about diet and skincare.  Because after age sixty, without an inner light coming through your skin, there can be no outer beauty. 

And just what is that inner beauty? Okay…be a good person. Do good things. Great. That’s a start. But it’s not enough. Let’s go to the root of the problem. Why do we get tense? Why do we suffer all those negative emotions?

The obvious answer is: Life’s problems weigh us down. Right? Every one of us has problems. So what will it take to stop our negative emotions, reactions to our problems, from playing havoc on our face?  What will it take to develop a relaxed attitude toward the challenges thrown at us day by day?

We need to change our approach to life’s problems. We need to understand why problems appear, and how to deal with them. And that’s what my new book, The Quantum Key: Transcending Life’s Trials, is all about.

The purpose of my book is to help you to see that life’s trials are there to lift you up—not drag you down. My message: You don’t have to carry your troubles on your shoulders, or on your face, for that matter. Instead, you can use them like stepping stones to help you to a joyful and content life.