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Hip Hip Hooray for Raw Foods - Literally

Published: (July, 2013)

Hip Hip Hooray for Raw Foods - Literally

Counting the days! Just seven days left before we leave for Moldova (Eastern Europe) to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday in our hometown. It got me into a sentimental mood.

Mom always blamed herself for my many surgeries and the physical and emotional suffering I had to go through, all relating to my hips, damaged at birth. Not her fault, of course, but you can't tell mom that.

About ten years ago, my mom converted to the Russian Orthodox faith. Since then, all I hear about are her pilgrimages to this temple, that monastery, ever in search of a holier priest to repent for her "sins." In her mind the biggest one was overlooking and not taking early action to repair my dislocated hips.

Gale's Encyclopedia of Children's Health states: Unless corrected soon after birth, congenital hip dysplasia can cause a characteristic limp or waddling gait in children. If left untreated, the child will have difficulty walking and may experience lifelong pain. These few lines summarize the story of my life. Pain, and the prospect of its permanence were my reality for most of my life. My problem was not "corrected soon after birth."  It wasn't even noticed until I was two. Orthopedists will tell you: Untreated, hip dysplasia will lead to arthritis and debilitating deterioration of the hip.

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In 1999 and 2001, I was given two titanium hip joints, but things were still looking grim. When I saw my American doctor about the terrible condition I was in - my right hip would dislocate when performing even basic movements - he brought me face to face with a horrifying possibility -- a wheelchair, he said, or a walker, might be my only options. That was the last time I saw my orthopedist, any doctor, for that matter.  

I searched for health with the passion of a jailbird seeking the freedom to fly. 

Almost every day, I discover another proof, another argument in favor of the superiority of raw foods for optimal health.  Here is my latest article:  To Stay Youthful... Minimize Metabolic Waste

If I needed my disability to learn about raw foods and other anti-aging practices, so be it, I wouldn't change a thing. Raw foods played a key role in my transformation. Finally, at age 55, I don't limp at all. To any casual observer, my legs look quite normal. I got this comment to one of my YouTube videosDear Tonya, I have been 'following you' for three years now, I believe. I swear you look younger every month and more symmetrical - if that's possible? 

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I believe everything is possible. I'm so looking forward to seeing my mom. Even more, I want mom to see me. I endured hip replacement surgeries, grueling physical therapy, and endless hours of Bikram yoga not only for me, but importantly for her. I want mom to see me happy, to know that the injuries have been, for the most part, overcome. I want mom to know there are no sins for her to repent. There are only lessons for me to learn. 

I feel fortunate to have found success with raw foods. Yet many others have failed. I'm often asked why. The biggest part of the answer, I believe, is attitude. I expected raw foods to work a miracle on my body. And they did. If you go in thinking Yeah, I guess I'll try this-what the might or might not succeed. But go in thinking Yes-this CAN work, how WILL I make it work? No matter what your challenge is, big or small, I assure you, you can turn it around, if you are patient and willing to do what it takes.