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How Many Raw Calories Do You Need to Eat?

Published: (October, 2012)

How Many Raw Calories Do You Need to Eat?

A few days ago on news.sciencemag website a new article appeared. The headline said: "Raw Food Not Enough to Feed Big Brains." At first, the title alone had me dismissing the article as laughable. After all, were that statement true, after fifteen years raw, my brain should have shrunk to the size of a walnut.

But I did read to the next line: "...[H]umans would have to spend more than 9 hours a day eating to get enough energy from unprocessed raw food alone to support our large brains, according to a new study..." At that moment I saw the problem--a false premise. If we start an argument with an incorrect basis, then we inevitably reach a conclusion we can't trust.

The Raw Food Phenomenon

Learn the value of being 100% raw.

The premise is that unprocessed raw food doesn't provide enough energy. I'll try to prove that the nutritional science has no leg to stand on when making this statement. 

Please read my explanation in the following article, if for no other reason than to check my reasoning and convince yourself that I'm still in command of my allegedly shrinking brainpower. Blog Article: How Many Calories are in Raw Foods?

By the way, note that other recent research shows that reducing calories--as in Calorie Restriction (CR) diets--can actually boost brainpower.


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Confusing? You bet. My advice: Go on a raw foods diet, even if it's only for a short run. It will teach you more about raw foods than all the reading about breakthroughs of nutritional science can ever do. Even if you go back to cooked food, you'll be infinitely wiser about your own body and what foods can do for you, and against you.

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