July 2011 Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials

July 28th, 2011

July 2011 Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials


Hi Tonya, Just a quick note to say that I've been using the face exercises, exactly as you said to, and today is the 4th day, and I'm 46 1/2 years old. I cannot believe it, but frown lines that I had developed between my eyebrows in the last year and half are literally GONE!

Also, my nose is lifted and my eyes are open more. In only FOUR DAYS! Also, what you say about not eating the evening meal is so right on. I'm a holistic healthcare professional and medical intuitive and tell my clients all the time if they would just eat little or nothing for dinner, and get to sleep by 10pm, that would eliminate most health problems.

I don't do this myself-yet-but your reminder is inspiration for me to start now!

I'm not all raw yet, not even all vegan completely, but have been all raw many times in the past, getting teacher certification from Alissa Cohen at one point. Sorry for no photos, but will take after photos at the end of the 21 days. I can't believe how effective these exercises are. Tell everyone just to stick with it! They will get easier and their face will transform! Many blessings and thanks for all you do!

— T.M.



I have read your book Raw Food and Hot Yoga and enjoyed it immensely!

Thanks and Regards,
— R.



Hi Tonya, : ) I found your beautiful site the other night when I was looking for raw sites. Just knew I had to sign up! I love raw food and have lost a quite a lot of weight. Very happy to be here and I am enjoying looking around.

Have a blessed day,
— D.



I LOVE ALL YOUR PRODUCTS!!!!!!! People are starting to notice my face and are asking what I'm doing so I give them the web site :).

— N.O.



I just began using the cream with the facial brush two days ago and can already see and feel the difference! This is a first and I’ve used so many different creams in my 54 years. My face has not been this smooth since I was a child. Last night when I went to bed my husband even noticed how good my skin smelled. I recognize the vanilla and he said that he is a fan. Thanks so much! Although I’m weaning myself off cooked foods and not 100% yet, I’m loving my raw diet evolution. I can’t wait to share progress pictures as I transform my life...

I’m loving the raw food lifestyle right now. I noticed that a dry patch of skin on my elbow that would not heal is beginning to heal already. I also wake up with no aches or pains anymore...

Can you also share with Tonya that I just had my first hip replacement surgery and relate to her struggle so much. I am trying to postpone my second surgery for as long as possible. I know that she promotes yoga and hope that maybe she could recommend a yoga DVD that I could use. I have purchased three ebooks to date and can’t stop reading about her journey. It’s been almost four months since my surgery and I’m just getting back into my weight lifting and stationary bike. She is such a shining example of determination and beauty and I find her a huge inspiration. Thanks again Kelli!

— R.W.

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Dear Tonya, I just finished Quantum Eating. Thank you for all your work and your honesty. It is the 3rd book I have read by you. I have been raw for 4 months, (95%) and a “healthy” cooked food eater before that. Raw is better for me. I do notice better skin, a happier, lighter feeling. When I can not eat after 2 or eat little, there is a big difference in my energy the next day. I like your sense too of not having to be perfect… the last paragraphs of the book were the perfect way to finish the book. Have you read “The ringing Cedars Series”? I think you would like them a great deal.

— J.S.


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Tonya, I LOVE the face brush and lotion!!!!!!!!!!! What a difference in the quality of my skin and complexion!

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Hello Tonya, I admire you so much! I met you several years ago in Gastonia, N.C. And after-I did great on Raw!! And then like a fool, I went SAD!!! You are re-inspiring me… You are Truly one in a million to devote your life to helping others live a long and healthy life, God bless You!!!

— D.