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Love and Lip Care

Published: (February, 2016)

Love and Lip Care

Be In Love... Always

Words - names, especially - carry only the meaning we give them. For many, Valentine's Day means love for someone special.

Here’s a radical thought…Why do we insist on talking about being in love only with someone? You don’t need another person to be in love.

Love is a state of being. Love, considered thoughtfully, has nothing necessarily to do with another person. Love has everything to do with you.

Love is a state that you can enter. A state, indeed, which you can decide to enter - you needn't wait for "the right person."The right person is already here. It's you. We can love a spouse, partner, or child. Why not love yourself?

Self-love doesn’t mean egotism. Egotists aren’t givers. You can’t give what you don't have. Real love begins in self-love and then extends outward.

The difference between an egotist and a self-loving individual is analogous to the difference between a whirlpool and a geyser. An egotist is coming from a perceived or felt lack of love. He feels there’s not enough love, so he, like a whirlpool, is sucking down everything he can get in.

By contrast, the person full of genuine self-love has so much love that it spills over, like a geyser—there’s more than enough for her, and plenty for others around her.

Everyone wants to be in love. So what’s stopping you?
Begin by giving a few minutes of loving thoughts towards yourself. Loving others begins with you, with loving yourself. You can give freely only what you have in abundance.

Do this experiment for me. Start professing love to yourself this very minute. And mean it. Just think love to yourself! Feel it! Hear your inner voice say it! I love you. And this, spoken inwardly to yourself: You are Love.

Now…feel the tension go. Feel your shoulders relax, feel that warmth flow down your back. Feel that unexpected smile come to light up your now relaxed face. In just a moment, you start to feel warm and wonderful. Every cell feels renewed, energized. A blissful feeling washes over and through you. It’s just like falling in love...

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Just finished reading The Quantum Key. What a beautiful book and what a strong content!...Yes, your approach to life and existing troubles is the only way to live if you want to be happy and fulfilled. I am going to read this book again and will saturate my mind again in all these life changing thoughts. Please keep writing.  --I.D.

Lip Care... Our Sensual Lip Balm

I've never liked lipstick. Rarely use it. Lipstick makes my lips colorless and dry. Still, we all want to enhance the natural color of our lips, to keep them lavishly moist, and a little plumping effect would be much desired.

The outer layer of your skin is called the epidermis. Its outer protective covering is the stratum corneum. Under that lies the dermis. Like the rest of your skin, your lips have all three layers. But the stratum corneum on your lips is thinner than anywhere on your body. Moreover, your lips lack the sebaceous glands that keep your skin moisturized. The reason your lips can easily become chapped and dry is that their only source of moisture is saliva.

Your lips don't have any hair follicles either - just like the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Your lips also lack melanin, the pigment that makes you tan in the sun - your body's natural protection from UV rays. Thus your lips risk getting sunburned more than any other part of your body. More on lip care in this article: Raw Foods and Lip Care.

For a long time I wanted to develop a lip product that will address all these specific needs of the lips. And here it is...

Our Sensual Lip Balm will enhance your lips' natural color...moisturize and gently plump your lips. You'll find in our lip balm a natural sunscreen, thanks to one of its key ingredients - coconut oil. Learn more about our product here: Sensual Lip Balm