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Week 1 (Monday 9/1/08 - Monday 9/8/08 with one day off each week)

From the day I began my journey into these facial exercises, I was completely committed and absolutely LOVED IT! I could feel my facial muscles tingle and vibrate with a newfound joy and excitement. Oh what a feeling!

To know that you can actually change the way your face looks by doing these exercises is very powerful and most certainly true. The author of this Rawsome FLex program, Tonya Zavasta, is a living testament to this. She is 50 years young and my impression is that she looks only 30.

Well, there is more to it then simply these exercises, it is also the nourishment you put in your body. Raw-Living-Vegan Foods are the #1 source for nutritional vitality and age reversal.

When you do this program, you are guided each day with new information and which exercises to do (the descriptions are very clear, detailed with pictures and easy to understand). It is not overwhelming, as you might think. There are 30 exercises, and it is a 21 day program, but you build up the number of exercises you do each day and by the 21st day you are doing all of them.

Within a few days, I was already able to remember some of the exercises by heart. The more times you do them, you will be able to retain them in your memory.

I have been instructed by Tonya to do these exercises for 6 weeks, instead of the 3 week program and I will be updating this journal weekly, to let you know my progress. I plan to continue these exercises long after I complete these exercises and have my before and after pictures to see the results.

We exercise our bodies and work our muscles to stay healthy and strong, the same holds true for your face and that is the part of your body that most people see first, as they look at you. Why not do your utmost to keep your face looking as young as your body. You have the power to change and all it takes is some time and effort and aren't you worth it!

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, forget about all those cosmetic treatments - botox, liposuction, etc to keep your face looking young and beautiful. In my opinion, this is the BEST and ONLY way to go!

Week 2 (Tuesday 9/9/08 - Tuesday 9/16/08 with one day off each week)

Today is day 14 and although I don't notice a difference visually (well maybe if I had some pictures taken of me, I'd be able to compare), I can definitely FEEL my facial muscles and they seem to be more ALIVE! Also, at the same time, I have been doing a 21 day cleanse (without food), so my face make look different due to that, as well. It is possibly that combination of factors that is most significant for me.

Another thing I noticed, is that even if I am tired and not in the mood to do these exercises, I do them, anyway because I am committed and once I start the process, not only does my face feel invigorated, but also my body. An added BONUS that I didn't not foresee, when I started these exercises.

Week 3 (Wednesday 9/17/08 - Wednesday 9/24/08)

In this last week, I am finishing up learning and practicing all 30 facial exercises. I have come to know them by heart, the more I practice them. I really like the fact that I am increasing the circulation in my facial muscles through the stretching, rubbing, massaging, etc.

I've known about the concept of doing facial exercises and even looked up a program once on the internet and saw some utterly amazing before and after pictures where you truly didn't recognize the person afterwards. I don't see that dramatic a change in myself necessarily, but I have yet to take some new photos to really tell. Also, as I've mentioned before, I am still on a detox/cleanse this week and that has helped to change the way my face looks, too.

I've heard it takes 21 days to create a new habit and after that it becomes part of your life. Well, for me this program has done just that. I will be continuing to do these exercises for another 3 weeks and then will take another set of photos. It isn't the end for me, merely the beginning. Each new day is a fresh start and the more I do these exercises, the better I will look and feel!

Week 4 (Thursday 9/25/08 - Thursday 10/02/08)

I am in the fourth week of doing these facial exercises and have now been able to do them all without looking at the e-book. It has become part of my daily habits (like brushing my teeth). I took some new pictures and can see some changes in my face from when I started this program. I continue to love doing this program and have been diligent in doing it twice a day.

Week 5 (Friday 10/03/08 – Friday 10/10/08)

It is hard to believe that I've doing this for over a month. Sometimes you can get tired of doing something over and over again and perhaps, that is because you don't see any results to show for it.

Well, when doing these facial exercises on a continual basis, you do see the results, right in front of your face (no pun intended). That's the reason you'll never want to stop doing them. Changes continue to happen both on the inside and outside of your body. The face is what people usually see first, so I want to look as beautiful and youthful as I already know I am. What better way to do so then with these exercises.

I know that others have noticed that I look different and I mention that I have been on a cleanse and also the facial exercise program I am doing. It definitely peaks their interest when I say it can take 10 years off of your face. I'm happy to share with anyone the information on this wonderful program. So now, I have one more week before I finish up this journal and take some new pictures that will show the progress I have made.

Week 6 (Sunday 10/12/08 – Sunday 10/19/08)

It's now the sixth week of doing the facial exercises and I have
definitely seen a noticeable change in my facial structure. I have yet to take some new pictures to show the differences from before I started to now. I did have some pictures taken on the first day of week five and there is a difference.

So, what now? Well, I plan to continue doing these facial exercises, even though I will not be writing down my experiences or taking pictures (although, I may take some photos periodically because I now that progress and transformation will continue to happen on a regular basis (as with anything you work on regularly).

I hope these words and photos I have shared will help you to get motivated and excited to start this program and see the results. I have seen them with my own eyes and love it!
To see Before and After pictures visit this link and scroll down Facial Exercises: Before and After

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