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My "Ageless Face" Morning Toning Routine

Published: (November, 2016)

My "Ageless Face" Morning Toning Routine

What is the Best Morning Skincare Routine?

Q: I love the honey hands facial! I also love the cup, and your Violet Ray, too. My question is: When and in what order do I use all these methods? I usually try to do at least one a day. Do you have any other suggestions?

A: There are no rigid rules. It’s a matter of your convenience and expediency. Better, I suggest, to start with the Honey Hands Facial or facial masque before you apply any of the beauty tools that require oil because you want your hands to stick well to your face.

There are an endless number of variations you can create in your beauty routine, depending on the time and energy you have, or your mood. One recommendation: Leave a masque and RejuvaCup application, or the Honey Hands Facial for the morning, because these are very energizing and toning practices. And they make you look good within minutes, ready to face your day.

As always, I urge you to try whichever techniques make sense to you, and leave the rest. The best beauty routine is the one that works for you! Works for you is the operative phrase. You are always in charge. Of your own health. Of your own beauty.

Here’s my new video, where I demonstrate my basic morning toning routine. I do make changes and I like to experiment. I encourage you to do the same.

When Natural Skin Care and Cosmetic Procedures Clash

Good news! In case you have trouble wading through my endlessly delightful accent, all my YouTube videos have subtitles now. Turn them on by clicking CC in your YouTube video.

When Natural Skin Care and Cosmetic Procedures Clash

Q: I had fillers 5 years ago. Can I use the RejuvaCup?

Most of my methods are inconsistent with Botox, injections, and fillers. They involve vigorous treatment of the skin and its underlying tissues, which is a no-no with Botox and cosmetic fillers.

It’s important to understand that all my beauty products and practices—dry brushing, masquing, masque removal with the brush, RejuvaRoll, knuckle massage, Strigil scraping, RejuvaCup and the like, will be helping your body to pull foreign things out from the body. That’s why these can be rightfully called “natural” practices. Cosmetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, and injections are bringing something foreign in. The RejuvaCup definitely goes counter to what your cosmetic doctor is trying to accomplish—it will try, in effect, to undo what he’s done.

All such injections and fillers are made to stay in the allotted place and not migrate to the “wrong” area. The surgeon or other provider decides where your facial features should be flattened and where they should be plumped. If you’ve had one of these treatments, your skin must be treated with great care. There should be no tissue movement, or you'll undo your doctor's work.

Conversely, the natural methods that I recommend move fresh blood to your face and stimulate your body’s own miraculous healing resources in order to rejuvenate. We’re not “telling the body what to do.” We simply give our skin a little help.

A 5-year gap is a very long period. It's likely those fillers have been reabsorbed long ago. But to be sure, do consult a duly qualified professional.