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October 15th, 2015


The Quantum Key: Transcending Life's Trials

I’ve been sharing my health and beauty research and experience with my readers since 2003. You can find the record of my journey in my books, newsletters and blog articles. 

I stand behind everything I've written or said through the years. Nothing important would I take back or correct. I'm confident my anti-aging and beauty ideas can deliver remarkable results: These days nobody believes my age and my whole life has been transformed, getting better with each passing year. Numerous testimonials from my readers tell similar stories of success.

Still one surprising comment came my way: She must be doing something she’s not telling us

Am I? I felt sure I’d been telling everything I know. Of course, most of what I’ve said has been specifically about healthful eating and beauty tips. I started searching, to see what I’d missed.

This new book’s germination occurred in my wondering why some people succeed in superior health and anti-aging benefits and others don’t, even though they start in similar places and do largely the same things.

Each body is different, of course. But there’s something more going on. It’s more than a matter of eating this food or that, more than particular skin care practices, more than the physical, the material. It’s about being happy, fulfilled, and free.

So how do we get there? 

At first I didn’t even know what I was looking for. I’ve long been reading insatiably—both popular “motivational” materials and more serious spiritual books—on the meaning of life, success, and how to resolve life’s problems. My readers know I had a generous share of those. But as of now, those problems are mostly solved.

I could say “I” solved them, but that would be ego talking. Truth is, I learned most of what I needed from others. Others, that is, plus hard experience. I realized I had accumulated ideas, experience, even theories and practical methods—others could use to resolve their problems. I hold the key. The key I must share for the benefit of others.

That’s how this new book came about. It is almost ready. I’m telling all, holding nothing back. As you’ll discover, most of what’s in this book I’ve never written before. 

This book is not about raw foods. You can benefit from it, regardless of what you eat. What I'm sharing in this book is valuable to everyone.

Different from anything I’ve done…yet completely consistent with the unusual, cutting edge and groundbreaking messages you’ve been hearing and reading from me. And it goes beyond anything you’ve seen before.

All 32 chapters are ready. More information:

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