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September 21st, 2015

How Can You Use Cucumbers to Improve Your Skin?

Did you ever think you'd have anything in common with those crazy people who go swimming in ice-covered lakes and rivers? They're not just pranksters, you know. And they're not crazy. The fact is, cold can be good for you. And real cold, ice-cold, can be good for your skin as well.

Here's how it works... You subject a part of your body to the shock of brief, safe exposure to cold... Your body responds fast - in less than a minute - by sending a sharply increased flow of blood to the affected area... this brings immediately improved circulation... and a pleasant, warm sensation.

Check out my new video for a practical way to use this info: Cucumber Cubes Facial

Make sure you do it every day!

Questions and Answers to Your Emails...

1. QUESTION: "I'm 50 and I'm suffering from lack of tone on face. What routine do you recommend for a time-strapped gal? I can't seem to find time to do dry brushing, masque, facial exercises, rollers and the like. I have all the toys - just not the time."

ANSWER: Lack of skin tone is what happens to all of us, for some as early as forty, but definitely by fifty. I wish I could wave a magic wand... But I cannot. Haven't got one.

Brutal honesty: Your skin doesn't forgive neglect. Period. Neglect will show on your face, every time. Your face does not need to be worshipped. But it does need to be attended to.

Whatever you do for your skin, it's got to be done daily. An occasional visit to a cosmetologist won't do it. Nor will a cosmetic procedure - not for long. Certainly you can't hope for much if you apply a masque once a month or dry-brush your face every Christmas. I said, and I meant: daily. All "the toys", all the products you've bought from me, are designed to help you with your use of time.

Okay... so you have to make time. How? Let me suggest a simple theme that's proved useful for many busy women: Same time every day. As Virginia Woolf urged upon every woman: "a room of one's own." Here, I don't necessarily mean physical space so much as temporal space. Private, sacred time. Claim it. Name it. Tell hubby, kids, friends. This is "My special time." You're allowed this time. Seize it. Defend it.

Bottom line: It all comes down to priorities. If looking youthful is genuinely important to you, you'll make the time.

2. QUESTION: Will Dry Brushing Cause Damage to My Skin Over Time?

"I'm 39 years old and the past 7 months have been dry-brushing my face nightly, just before bed. My skin becomes so smooth, so soft, like a baby's.

Last weekend I was out of town and forgot to bring my brush. So for three days I didn't brush. On my return, my facial skin was not so smooth. It had become quite rough, in fact. My guess: My skin has got used to the brushing and is producing more dead skin than before. After I resumed brushing, my skin got back to normal and felt smooth again.

My question to you, Tonya: Is it normal for skin to have this reaction when brushing gets interrupted like this? Am I doing something wrong that disrupts the usual skin cycling process? Will this cause damage to my skin over time?"

ANSWER: Read the answer on my website...

How to Get a Great Complexion Naturally

Check out the full infographic on my site!

To achieve and maintain a beautiful complexion, cleansing is essential. Consuming greens will cleanse your skin from the inside out. It's equally important to cleanse your skin from the outside by applying a clay masque.

For my complete skin training system, check out my most recent ebook - Guide to An Ageless Face.

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