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I can feel Tonya’s caring in its pages

Just finished purchasing, downloading, and reading Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth. Thanks to the author for not “sugar-coating” the truth (bad pun intended!). I was at times exhilarated (finally, someone who’s “been there!”), and then depressed (are implants inevitable no matter what I do?).  My dental situation seems worse than Tonya’s when she started…

Like Tonya, all I can do is start from here and now.  I hope she’s wrong when she says superior health could cause only a small cavity to remineralize naturally. Why not a larger one, or larger problem? When skin is cut, all other things being equal, it’ll scab over whether small or large. Maybe wishful thinking on my part…Again, thanks for a great book. I can feel Tonya’s caring in its pages, and also in the way she lays out her website.

D.M> (September, 2012)