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I have such respect for your skin care knowledge and genius...

Hi Tonya:
Thank you for all the awesome information.  I have such respect for your skin care knowledge and genius, I value every word you say.   I agree about self care being a pleasurable wonderful thing to do.  I am finding as I get back to extended skin care that it is very good for self esteem. I still have not used the RejuvaCup as I am a little afraid of it and want to make sure I start slowly.
Following your suggestions I did finally try the skin patches and found the under-eye patches surprisingly effective. I have been getting complements that my eyes look "very bright".   I am not as sure about the forehead patches as yet.
Awhile ago when I did follow your skin care routine regularly I used the strigil and facial brush every day (after building up to it). This time around, after some mistakes, I use the strigil everyday but would still like to get back to regular facial brushing as well.  I feel I am ready for it.  I am a little confused how to bring this in and the RejuvaCup....
I read your information very carefully.  I even have a collection of of your old (and longer) newsletters which I copied and put into a large notebook which I still look at.  I especially find your client's lengthy stories of improvement very inspiring. 
Here is a story:  When I first started with you I showed your information to a "natural" esthetician.  She looked at your picture and said "Well, she is young".  No, I said, she is over fifty. "Well then, she uses botox" she said.  I just had to laugh.  Because I was a raw food person myself, I totally trusted your integrity and the fact that you would not put poisonous botox into your body.
My aim right now is to (1) do the practices everyday (2) study and acquire knowledge of the products and practices (hence my many questions about sequencing, etc.) and (3) then let my intuition guide me further.
I hope today finds you well and happy.  I am grateful to have you in my life.

Linda (July, 2019)