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I love your Nourishing Night Cream...

Hi Tonya,

Just thought I would tell you how much I love your Nourishing Night Cream... if I haven't yet... I can't remember... I love it though, especially how little you have to use for the whole of your face. I noticed this winter (June,July and August in Australia) how my skin was noticeably drier so I got serious about using your night cream. I found it a little too heavy for summer but I think I must have been putting on too much. I used it all this winter (during the day, on top of the day dream) and am still using it and loving it. I love the smell, how it feels on my skin, now that I am using it sparingly, and most of all I love how it keeps the moisture trapped in my skin. It's an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone. Well done!

Hope you are well. I love all your newsletters. Still struggling with the raw lifestyle but will get there in the end.

C.A (October, 2015)