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"You look so healthy"

At 35 I had beautiful waist length hair, smooth skin and was told I looked 26. I had been a model so I was really into glamour and looking as perfect as I possibly could. Then one day I became very ill. I developed skin rashes all over my face and body so severe that I could not even wash my face because my skin burned and peeled off. I had migraine headaches with severe vomiting. Suddenly, all the glamour was gone.

After several years of being virtually bedridden, my parents phoned saying that I better not show myself around them. Visiting me was too depressing for them. I was no longer presentable to appear at functions with them. I was absolutely devastated.

A few years later, I found Tonya Zavasta's website for the raw food diet and read about her transformation. I ordered the books that very night and started the raw food diet transition. Within days, I saw my skin rashes fade, my migraines become just a dull headache and within 4 months, I was washing my skin and starting to use skin care products. By month six, I was wearing make-up and my hair began to shine again. After 15 months of raw foods, I was wearing the latest fashions and people were asking me for my secret to beautiful skin.

After 8 years, my parents asked to see me again. All the years that my husband had cared for me on his own, I had wondered what I would do if they called. I used to think I would never speak to them again. But 15 months on raw foods had altered my outlook and I agreed to a visit. They were shocked. "You look so healthy", they said. My father commented that he had not seen me look this alive since I was 17. They stared at my husband also because he was 15 months on the 100% raw food diet then. My father actually sat next to me on the sofa and put his face about 6 inches from mine and stared at me as if I was a goddess.

I saw how frail and sick they had become on cooked food. I could not do to my parents what they had done to me years earlier. This is where the spiritual changes from the raw food diet really took over. Now I try to help them as much as I can because the raw food diet has given me inner strength and compassion for others. I feel that God resides in a clean healthy body

The last 2 years on the raw food diet have been an amazing journey. I could not recommend a more fulfilling path to walk. My parents now endeavor to change their eating habits. A few weeks ago, a woman told to my father:
-"Oh I met your granddaughter earlier today when she came in with your wife".
"That was not my granddaughter "- my father said. "Susan is my daughter and she is 54 years old". The woman keep insisting: "I really thought it was your granddaughter because she only looked about 35". "Are you really sure it was not your granddaughter". My dad does not give a compliment to anyone. I could see he was proud telling us about this event. After all the years that they made fun of how old and ill I looked this was far better than I could ever imagined.

Susan (May, 2008)