Luxurious Cream

I am a very, very, very picky person about skin care products. Believe me when I say that, I am NOT exagerating. I get alot of people upset with me because they show me skin care products that they say are all natural and good products and when I check the product out I let the wind out of their sail when I tell them what I think. I have looked for a LONG time for a product I like. I didn't find any so I started to make my own at home for myself and my sister. Well, my cream was good because I knew what was in it (completely pure and natural). It was always fresh, and it had potent amounts of actives I wanted. But, I am tired of making cream every week for the both of us. After endless searching I stumbled upon your website and decided to give your cream a try. My sister ordered it a few days ago and all I can say is WOW! Never have I used a cream that left that luxurious feeling on my skin. Your cream is simply the best I have EVER used. Your customer service is also excellent. Keep up the good work.