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We always want to know the age of the person we meet. Estimating one's age and deciding whether or not she has worn it well tells a lot about a person. Nowadays, it is as important as reading her resume. Those who gain the upper hand in the battle with aging are perceived to have better control of their lives. To look and feel younger than one's age has increasingly become a yardstick of success.

My ebook 100 Days to 100% Raw effectively walks you through all of the necessary steps of transitioning to the raw foods lifestyle.

100 Days to 100% Raw

A Step By Step Guide

The program focuses on providing resources for those just beginning to make health changes as well as those who have a health routine and are looking to expand their options.

During youth it seems that our body lets us get away with just about any wrongdoing. In middle age, the body has its revenge and, in older years, it seems almost malicious. Sooner or later your body will press charges against you for abusing it for so long. Aging is not as unfair as it seems. Growing old may well be the price that one pays for the crimes committed earlier against one's body. Thankfully, there is much that can be done to redeem ourselves! Chapter 25 of Your Right to Be Beautiful goes into more detail of the effects of diet and lifestyle on the processes of aging.

The next step in fighting the war against aging, is to move slowly and purposefully into employing the methods outlined in the book "Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth."

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Quantum Eating is the book that I believe holds the key to unlocking your body's anti-aging potential. It is the gate to health and longevity. You will find ready-to-use secrets on achieving superior health and gaining a youthful glow, while avoiding the unattractiveness of aging.

Quantum Eating

The Ultimate Elixir of Youth!

Among them is the principle of what I call eating 'raw and low' which is described at length in an article entitled 'Two Twin Secrets for Health and Longevity: Raw Quality..Low Quantity.'

This concept of caloric restriction for the purposes of anti-aging is also discussed in 'Quantum Eating' and of the Raw Food Blog articles entitled 'Luigi Cornaro Lived to be 102 Years Old: What Can We Learn From Him? Experiments done at the National Institute of Aging in Baltimore suggest that a calculated restriction of daily calories forestalls aging and is beneficial in maintaining good health. Calorie restriction has been tested in a variety of species such as rats, mice, fish, flies, worms, yeasts, and now Rhesus monkeys. Calorie restriction researchers believe that the CR (short for calorie restriction) animals are reducing their metabolic rate in response to a lack of food. In turn, this reduced metabolic rate is responsible for longevity. It extends the life span and retards age-related chronic diseases. Read chapter 8 "Less Calories, More Years" from Quantum Eating for more information.

Not only can you employ the raw foods diet, gradually incorporating the 'raw and low' principle, to ensure your success in activating the 'anti-aging' process, along with exercise and a good beauty regimen, but I will share with you my latest ebook "Rawsome Flex: Beautifying System of Facial Exercises and Raw Foods." It is, in essence, a natural facelift that you can achieve in 20 minutes a day. You will be able to keep your facial muscles firm and toned, allowing you to appear years younger than your chronological age!

Adopting a raw-foods diet will be the single most effective tool you can employ in the battle against premature aging. However, once that is in place, there are a variety of practices that one can also add to their lifestyle that will be invaluable in stopping the clock and by all intents and purposes, even reversing it!

Of vital importance, also, is the daily habit of proper deep breathing exercises. Do not underestimate the power of breathing as a part of an anti-aging lifestyle. It is enormous. Food and oxygen are our primary sources of vital energy. Therefore, attention to these bodily functions is fundamental in cultivating health and longevity. For more information and breathing exercises refer to "Quantum Eating" chapter 19.

No matter whether you are new to raw foods or at an advanced level, whether you are young or old according to the calendar, or whether you are already healthy or not; you have many tools at your disposal. It is only a matter of deciding which ones to start using and when. You can't lose, and you have nothing but time on your side.

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