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My Raw Food Journey: I Met Dr. Ann Wigmore 24 Years Ago

In the early part of 1984 I read the book written by Viktoras Kulvinskas called “ Survival into the 21st Century”. This was my very first contact with raw foods. But strange, the person that converted me to raw foods was not Viktoras but Dr. Ann Wigmore. Soon after reading the book, I learned that her institute was called Hippocrates Health Institute, and it was situated in Boston.

I thought to myself, this is what I would like to do in life, learn the secrets of health and nature directly from an experienced person. I enrolled myself at the Hippocrates Institute and met many lovely people from other countries there as well. I remember that I also met Brian Clements there. Brian Clements came up with a very interesting idea which was called “liquid nourishment”. Fasting with liquid nourishment (smoothies) and freshly pressed juices. I still use these ideas today.

The moment I met Dr. Ann Wigmore, I can’t tell you how I felt. What a lovely soul. So full of love and simplicity. She was the person that brought wheatgrass to the USA. At that time I think she was over 70 and often I noticed that she would be running up the stairs in her Victorian Apartment.

I personally asked her how many hours she sleeps a night. She told me “only three hours my dear.” Then I wanted to know what is she was doing with the rest of her time because all this was totally new to me. Well, she told me, ”then my work starts.” It left me with a lot to think about. She was always saying that whatever you put onto your skin, you should also be able to eat. I studied and spent many interesting hours with her of which I am very grateful because today I can passing her knowledge on and help other brothers and sisters.

Her place was always full of wheatgrass and the moment you walk in, you felt a natural high. It was the very first time in my life that I saw such a beautiful kitchen and on top of it, without a stove. She was the lady that gave me direction and a purpose in life.

But if I don’t mention another person in my life, my story will never be complete. Throughout the years I drifted away from the raw food lifestyle. Though I was a pure vegetarian most of my life, this does not mean that I ate healthfully at all. I lead a very unhealthy way of life because of consuming coffee, chocolates and eating endless pizzas.

About a year ago I was sitting at the computer and suddenly my thoughts were taken back to the days of Dr. Ann Wigmore. At that moment something inspired me to search for information on raw food in the internet. Of all the websites on the internet, only one I really felt attracted to and that happened to be Tonya Zavasta’s website helped me to get a straight line again in life and very soon after that I ordered her books and I must say, raw food has taken on a very huge dimension and now we have so many recipes to choose from.

You would agree if I say that nature is not narrow minded at all. I read all the books of Tonya and many things which Tonya mentioned in her books made sense to me because I experienced it myself. There were times that I did not drink water for many months because I received it all via eating raw food. Strange enough, all my teachers happened to be women.

Tonya was the person that “lit” that candle again. I stopped all the unhealthy foods and replaced them with healthy foods. I replaced chocolate with dates and coffee with almond milk, etc. Like mist before the sun my kilos melted away and my body adopted a more natural shape. I have no more stress but more vitality, and I even sleep less hours a night. Tonya is an amazing person and I am sure if we would meet, we will talk for many hours.

Tonya, I would like to thank you with all my heart and with joy not from this world, for reminding me that, simplify your life and then you will also see a purpose in it. Again, your books are fantastic. You helped me to start my own health practice. I am able to use the diplomas which I attained from my time spent with Dr. Ann. I am looking forward to a life that is full of light and joy where I can share and help many brothers and sisters that are interested in going into the same direction. 

Rudi (June, 2008)