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Best Book on Nutrition

Tonya, I have just finished reading Quantum Eating and have to say it is probably the best book on nutrition and fasting that I have read. It encapsulates nearly everything I have read and experienced over the last 25 years. My fasting journey started in 1991 after reading Daniel Reid’s The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity – which is when I did my first 10-day water fast. It was also the same time I started a personal growth journey and sampled many spiritual courses. Both journeys have continued and last year decided to embark on a post graduate degree in wellness – a complete break from being a machinery inventor and businessman. I am now 62 and getting younger. My thesis is going to be on water fasting for healing, but perhaps I will now expand it. “Quantum Eating” for healing deserves some official academic research. Best regards and congratulations on everything you have achieved and overcome.

John W. (June, 2013)