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Facial Exercises Work!

Tonya, I ordered your ebook on face exercises when it first came out...About a year ago or more I decided I was going to do them more consistently and...I now do them about 5x a week.  I had printed out your ebook and ... keep it near my bathroom. Every day I do the face exercises, I also read a page of the book. So I have now read the ebook through many times. I think doing this has kept me consistent and motivates me. I do see a difference in my facial muscles and they have been quite helpful in helping in the war against facial muscle atrophy and gravity. I am 66 years old and when I recently told my age to a lady, she looked surprised and said it must be my raw diet (I am not 100% raw).  And I thought to myself "and facial exercises." Thank you so much for your inspiring books and website and emails.

Linda (August, 2013)