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Thanksgiving Message

Published: (November, 2011)

Thanksgiving Message

Holiday Season ...

Thanksgiving ... Christmas dinner at Mom's ... New Year's Eve ... parties, socials, get-togethers at the office or club meetings ... dining out, or in, with friends.

All that food! Tons of it, and it's feel-good food, too. You know the question I'm going to pose on your behalf: Should I indulge?

The rationalizations we've all used: Well, it's just one ... It's not gonna kill me ... After all, it's Thanksgiving ... It would be rude not to ...

It's true. That one slice of turkey, just a nibble of cranberry sauce, that weeeee bit of chocolate, against the background of an honestly observed raw food diet, plus exercise, won't kill you. (It might make you sick, however!)

Still, Don't do it. It is not worth it. I hear it all the time: this one-time indulgence starts an uncontrollable downfall from the proverbial raw food wagon.

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Call me a killjoy if you must. I'll stand on this ground for the sake of Thanksgiving--the very idea of giving thanks, being grateful.

If you've been observing a raw food diet/lifestyle for a while, even just working toward it, improving an otherwise conventional diet, then you have a lot to be grateful for. You've likely shed some excess weight, feel more energetic, don't get the seasonal colds you used to. People probably say, Gee, you're looking good ... You feel better about yourself. Brighter. Happier. More optimistic. 

This holiday season you will either take a step forward or a step back. You will make one of those two choices, consciously or not. There's no neutral ground, no holding still. You will either surge forward, or you will lose ground, psychologically. What's more, during this season, you'll do that--either way--several times.

Nice people, your friends and family, but they won't be much help. Oh, you MUST have some of Ellen's pumpkin pie ... And uncle Marty will make those annoyingly patronizing comments of his about your "silage diet," as he makes that gravy lake in his buttery mashed potatoes.

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Just love them back! You can love and be with and enjoy your family and friends without eating what they eat. The fact is they secretly want what you have.

Don't give them the pyrrhic victory they think they want--you, that is, eating "normally" again. Give them the beginning of the victory they need. Give them, instead, the victory of your own example.

Resolve, this Thanksgiving, this entire holiday season, to show real thanks, real gratitude for the ground you've gained. So many people have never been given such options, the knowledge of raw foods and to experience the profound benefits this diet brings. You're fortunate. Blessed. For that, be grateful! Stand firm!

Show it by saying the nicest, most genuine No, thanks you can. No preaching. (You do want to be invited back next year, don't you?) Just exercise gracious, quiet restraint. Do what you have to. Eat properly before you go to the event. Make your own raw food dish. Nibble what you can. Invent excuses, if you must. Go home hungry if you have to, or tell your quiet, modest truth, and be prepared to laugh with everyone else at your own expense. 

Need some help? If you haven't yet, watch my video: Raw Food Rocks! It's especially designed for the holiday time, and for you.

Stay "clean" during the holiday season, and I'll promise you a new reward. When January comes around and you got through the season without cheating, you will feel a new pride, a new determination, and a new kind of gratitude. Do it, and I guarantee there will be so much more yet to come to be grateful for.

Raw foods will give you exceptional health. They will give you a more youthful appearance. Will bring you clear complexion, but that's not all ...

In the upcoming year I'll introduce you to yet another glorious side of the raw food lifestyle that's never been explored before.

Happy Holidays!