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Totally Raw? Let’s Get Real

Published: (April, 2017)

Totally Raw? Let’s Get Real

Is Totally Raw Right For You?

Twenty years ago I embarked on the raw food lifestyle and I've been a guinea pig for you ever since. Many of you have been watching me with care and interest. Thank you for that.

Here's one example:

Dear Tonya...I have been following you for three years now. I swear you look younger every year and more symmetrical-if that's possible!

I give you my regular updates to assure you that you too can resolve your issues, small or big, if you are patient and willing to do what it takes.

Remember my March, 2010 yoga video? (If my charming accent is a problem, click the "cc" button for subtitles.)

You can see I'm proud of my progress, sitting in the half-lotus position as I'm telling my story. In the video, I'm saying I'm happy. And I was, decidedly. But look carefully, and you'll detect that the pose isn't entirely comfortable for me.

My congenital hip defect and the subsequent surgeries cemented my hips into a very limited range of motion. But it didn't prevent me from dreaming that one day I'd be flexible enough to do a full split. Almost 7 years have passed since this video and, I still can't do it. But I'm much closer to my dream than ever before.

Small, incremental improvements. Each day, the dream is just a hair closer. Someday...someday...I will do that split! Count on it!

Most of us experience our maximum flexibility as young children...I'm reaching it for the first time as a senior citizen, during my 60th year! And what is making it possible?

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”


You've guessed it! Raw foods...

Is it right to go raw?

I've come to realize this is entirely the wrong question. The real question to ponder: Is it right for you to go all raw?

Your decision needs to be thoughtful. It's a commitment only you can make.

Still I want to be there for you as you make your decision. Hence this new ebook:
The Raw Food Phenomenon: My 20-Year Journey

Nowhere in this new book do I make real effort to encourage you to go raw. I did plenty of that in my earlier books. What you'll get here is straight-up person-to-person conversation... getting you to weigh the pluses and minuses of you moving to the raw food lifestyle.

Think of my book as a way of removing the pain of indecision. Think of it, and of me, as a friend along the way.

The plain truth is: If being 100% is for you, you'll find a way to make it happen. If it's not for you, you'll find reasons not to do it. Either way, you're invited to read my new ebook The Raw Food Phenomenon: My 20-Year Journey and find peace in your degree of raw.

Make sure you read the Introduction for FREE here.

If all that still appeals... read on! If you decide going raw is not for you... that's just fine. You'll get no flak from me.

The Lazy Way to Beauty

What if the raw food diet has no appeal to you? And what if a daily beauty routine seems too daunting? What then?

Here's the absolute minimum you need to do: Stick a WrinkAlign to your forehead for a few hours during the day. Or, better still, all night. This alone will do lots for your face, especially later in life.

You can reuse one liner up to three nights in a row. You’ll see your creases smooth up right away. But your main benefit will be long-term prevention. The earlier in life you start this routine, the better. Learn more information here.